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How G.J. Gardner Homes is helping the Ararat community

Date Monday, 25 July 2016 4:20 PM

What does your local G.J. Gardner Homes office really get up to?

The life of a franchise owner under the G.J. Gardner Homes name has a whole heap of benefits. You get to run your own business, keep in touch with everything going on in the community and be up to speed with your valued local customers.

We recently sat down with Ashley and Sally Heard, franchise owners in the wonderful region of Ararat, to find out about what their day-to-day lives look like, and how they're benefiting the community around them.

A day in the life

Some of the most important parts of the operations happen behind the scenes.

Some of the most important parts of the operations happen behind the scenes, away from the client-facing side of the business, as anyone who runs their own business will understand.

"Our core work varies day to day - one day can be really quiet, going about paying bills and doing administration work, other days we're meeting people and doing colour consultations, going out on site and doing paperwork for clients," commented Sally.

"That's one of the things we enjoy the most. We get to see our clients face to face and get to know them. Dealing with clients and making them happy when they move in is one of the best aspects of the whole job. They're appreciating the quality home they're getting, and it's fulfilling that we're able to provide it for them.

"It's also great interacting with our staff, who make the whole business tick over."

While G.J. Gardner Homes is typically seen as a builder through which you can design your own home, there is a really personal side to how branches are run that many people don't know about. Many of the franchisees are in their positions as business owners because of the community side of the job. When you're a franchise owner, you'll have one foot in the business, and one firmly planted out in the local region, helping people to come together as neighbours.

What does the Ararat branch do for the community?

From designing your home to being there when you walk through the door, your local franchise owner can be there through it all.

"Even though we're a volume builder, we still employ local staff and sub-contractors," continued Sally.

"We're trying to drive home the local aspect in every way as far as supporting local community groups. We really put an emphasis on donations, with a major sponsorship in each of the three areas around Ararat. By doing this, we really feel that we can keep connected with what our neighbours need, and what they all want to see more of. That's also helping us to make better decisions for our customers, which is resulting in even happier outcomes."

As Ararat is a regional centre, it can sometimes be difficult for people who want to build a home to find a trusted builder from the local area. G.J. Gardner Homes makes it easy.

"We aren't just a big builder, even though we're in the country," mentioned Sally.

"The big builders come in from the cities, build and then leave. Here at G.J. Gardner Homes, we don't. We actually help out around the region."

"We aren't just a big builder, even though we're in the country."

This can be seen with the G.J. Garden, set up at the local school.

"The G.J. Garden is helping people to come together as a community. A small group in the school called the Earthlings gets together every lunchtime to weed and water, which is giving them an outdoor interest and helping them learn gardening skills."

The difference you'll see with G.J. Gardner Homes

The fantastic service and communication you'll experience when you build with G.J. Gardner Homes can really make the difference between a good experience and a great one.

"We want our clients to be receiving the service they deserve for the money they're spending. We're about quality, not quantity. Our staff deliver first-class customer service, and we strive to uphold those standards for every single person that gets in touch with us."

To see exactly what Sally and Ashley are talking about, contact your local G.J. Gardner Homes office and get started on your own building journey.

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