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How Feng Shui principles can benefit your home

Date Wednesday, 28 October 2015 11:50 AM

Read how ancient Feng Shui principles also have relevant benefits to modern home design.

Feng Shui.

In today's conversations, this is a word that's commonly thrown about. For many, it evokes vague imagery of mysticism and spiritual balance of some sort. But what does the word actually mean and how does it have a place in designing your own home?

Feng Shui is a concept that originated from ancient China, teaching that everything has life force or energy called 'chi' that is all interconnected. It revolves around the practice of organising your environment to channel this spiritual energy in a smooth and unhindered way. According to the myth, this will result in improvements in health, finances, relationships and many other areas of life.

The key ideas of Feng Shui are flow and balance. Even if you don't believe in its ancient spiritual implications, there are plenty of practical home design concepts that have relevant benefits today.

Couch placement

The couch is an important and fairly central piece of furniture in a home. Feng Shui practices dictate that it should always be against the wall, resulting in structure and stability to relationships, health and wealth. The practical benefit is that it better directs traffic flow through the room and makes your home feel more spacious.

Smaller furniture placements

Much like your couch, place smaller pieces of furniture like coffee tables and chairs in an unobtrusive way that doesn't get in the way of people walking through. While Feng Shui concepts indicate that this will avoid chi energy from blocking up and turning into negative energy, a design-related motivation for this is to create a more open and airy space in your home.

Kick the clutter

Mess is something that's frowned upon in any context. Mum's Jugging Act's interview with Feng Shui consultant Renee Longworth says clutter has a stumbling effect on chi energy and can bolster negative behaviour in people. If you need a non-spiritual reason, keeping rooms free of clutter makes a space feel cleaner, sharper and more visually unified.

Keeping rooms free of clutter is important both in modern home design and ancient spiritual ideologies.Keeping rooms free of clutter is important both in modern home design and ancient spiritual ideologies.

Kitchen overgrowth

According to Feng Shui ideology, spaces that often fall prey to neglect attract dust and stagnating energy. Anjie Cho, writing for Inhabitat, recommends placing greenery and plants above kitchen cabinets to stimulate life and positive chi. It's also a great way to add more colour and character to your new kitchen.

So when building a new home or moving into one, let the old meet the new by using some of these Feng Shui arrangement ideas in a fresh and modern way.

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