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How can designing your own home add value?

Date Tuesday, 22 March 2016 1:54 PM

How will you add value to your new personally designed home?

Taking control of your home design can be extremely beneficial and leave you with exactly what you had in mind when you were drawing up your dream home as a wee child.

However there are always aspects that you should consider when you do start designing your own home, and some which slip the minds of most. What are they?

Renovations moving up

The Westpac Renovation Report revealed in 2014 that home renovations had increased by a whopping 147 per cent since 2010. That's a staggering number of changes made to a home, and it could take a significant amount of time away from already busy individuals and families. How do you avoid having to turn to renovating?

Well, you start with a solid base.

A Housing Industry of Australia (HIA) report in 2014 found that the amount spent on renovations was greater than the spend on transferring ownership of a property. More people wanted to change their existing properties than buy a new one! If you're looking for a home that you'll love forever, listen to these builder's tips, take control and look at what a G.J. Gardner design could offer you.

Starting strong

When looking at various possible designs for a home, it would pay to consider what aspects add value in the future and which are less likely to be of any benefit. For example, you could be after a property on the Gold Coast, and location is all-important.

Domain Group suggests that the facade of a home is of the utmost importance because it's what you see every day as you enter your property, and also what others see as they walk or drive past. This could add up to $100,000 of value. Keeping the front of your home clean will also improve what people think of it, whether they are looking to buy or not.

"Tidying up the exterior; touching up paint work, often you don't have to repaint but you can have the house washed; fixing fences or locks and window frames, all that sort of thing," said Sarah Lorden of Sarah Lorden Real Estate.

Keeping the number of bedrooms open can also be of great significance. An extra bedroom could add up to $150,000 of value to your home, and for growing young families that might be necessary anyway! Including a deck can also add serious money to your property - Domain Group suggests as much as $100,000.

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