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Display homes to inspire your house-building dreams

Date Wednesday, 9 September 2015 5:40 PM

Check out these videos of G.J. Gardner Homes' display homes to see what's available and come up with ideas for building your own dream house.

With big decisions like building your own home, you certainly want to 'try before you buy' as much as possible. It might not seem plausible to get that much of a preview when you're considering the process. After all, looking at blueprints, floor plans and mockups hardly give you the same experience as stepping foot into a living room and listening to the fire crackling in the hearth. 

That's one of the advantages of display homes, such as the ones we at G.J. Gardner Homes offer at our locations throughout Australia. By visiting one of these furnished houses, you can get a real sense of what your life would be like with different structures and designs. 

However, maybe you're not quite ready to step out and visit a display home just yet. Fortunately, technology gives us additional methods to showcase rooms, features, layout and sample decor. Here are some videos to inspire your house design dreams and get you a head start as you hone in on the perfect style and structure for you. 

1. Spacious and welcoming: A home for entertaining 

The Beachmere 278 in Bundaberg 

With four bedrooms, a generous ensuite, a patio and a pool, this display home in Bundaberg is a great choice for people who love to welcome guests - or just relax in the comfort of their own space.

In addition to having a butler's kitchen, which makes serving up delights for visitors a breeze, the layout of this place really caters to both family and social gatherings. Parents and hosts can unwind at the entertainment centre inside with a clear view of the pool area, where their children or guests can splash away to cool down. 

2. Sleek, classy and energy-efficient 

Balance 9.1 Star Eco in Geelong 

These days, it pays for us all to be a little more energy conscious. Whether you want to take measures to live more sustainably or shave down your utilities bills, this Geelong display home goes beyond the standard six-star energy rating to an impressive 9.1.

That designation requires either a solar water heating system or a rainwater tank, in addition to the energy efficiency requirements of a six-star ranking. It also assesses how comfortable the house stays without relying on mechanical heating or cooling. 

One of the most exciting features has to be the 'smart' technology, which enables you to control features within the house from anywhere you have internet access. 

3. Coastal lifestyle: Space that lets you breathe 

The Mandalay in Shoalhaven 

In an area deeply rooted to a beautiful coastal beach, this Western Australia display house takes advantage of the larger block available for building. Spacious inside with high ceilings and large glass doors that open to an outdoor area with a bar, this home is designed to provide a pleasant living space you won't want to leave. 

"Both our wives now want to have one of them," one of the builders said, remarking on how the design home caters to lifestyle, comfort and durability. 

These are just a few of the many model homes G.J. Gardner Homes offices have on display. Stop in to your local builder to learn more, or check out additional videos here.

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