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Can trees affect the value of your property?

Date Monday, 31 October 2016 9:15 AM

The presence of trees can add value to your home.

There are a myriad of factors that can affect the value of your property. From its location through to its size, the value of a home is highly changeable, but there are a fair few elements that have a greater bearing than you might think.

Trees are one such factor, and we live in a nation that's full of them. More trees will soon be springing up in our towns and rural areas, too, as the government is planning to plant 20 million more trees before 2020 is out, to remedy the effects of past deforestation. Let's take a look at how these big, leafy behemoths can affect the value of your home.


The government is planning to plant 20 million more trees before 2020 is out.

If you're a green-fingered tree lover, we've some good news for you. A study carried out by the University of Western Australia found that if a broad-leafed tree, such as an oak or beech, is located in the garden or street verge at the front of a Perth home, the median price of the property increased by some $16,899.

This trend isn't just isolated to Perth and other WA towns and cities, however. A case study compiled by Brisbane City Council found that leafy streets that provide 50 per cent or more tree cover can feasibly add up to $29,000 to the median value of a house in the Queensland city - a difference of 5.4 per cent. So just why do trees add value to a home?

- They can reduce the sun's searing heat  

A medium-to-large tree, especially a broad-leaved specimen, are exceptional at reducing the temperature inside the home they stand guard over. In some of the hotter regions of Australia, such a situation is not only a relief to your comfort, but also your bank balance. This is because the shade from such trees can reduce temperatures by up to 8 degrees Celsius, which in turn will see expensive air conditioning use fall by 12-15 per cent. According to Sustainable Gardening Australia, two trees planted in the optimum position could save the homeowner up to $180 a year through reduced electricity use. 

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- They can moderate wind and control water runoff

In areas prone to windstorms, trees act as a galleon sail filtering wind and deflecting it from the home. Additionally they can halt swirling winds during bushfires, keeping them away from your home and making it a little easier to battle the flames.  What's more, they are outstanding at holding and absorbing water as rain falls. This means that in the event of a particularly heavy, extended period of rain, the home is less likely to become flooded - invaluable.

To discover more ways of increasing the value of your home via the power of nature, be sure to get in touch with the expert team at G.J. Gardner homes today.

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