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Building a millennial-friendly kitchen

Date Friday, 11 March 2016 12:06 PM

See how you can make your kitchen millennial-friendly.

Are you designing a kitchen for your new home? If you're a millennial or Gen Y, or have family members that are, you might want to consider some interesting trends that could affect your choices.

The 'Coming of Age' report by Goldman Sachs identifies anyone born between 1980 to 2000 as a millennial. This generation of people grew up in a time very different to those that came before, and often hold very different priorities and preferences. Considering that it's the largest ever generation, it's definitely a wise decision to keep these in mind when building your kitchen, even if you're not one yourself.

Going mobile

Gone are the days of turning on the radio while you get to work in the kitchen. According to a Deloitte report, millennials or Gen Y's prefer watching television on any device more than any other group, while radio tended to be more popular in older age groups. Millennials also prefer to use the internet to get their entertainment and services.

With this in mind, why not design your own kitchen to accommodate this? Who wouldn't want to watch YouTube when waiting for something to roast or access recipes and cooking tips while preparing food? It can be as simple as having drawers as dedicated charging stations, or building small spaces away from potentially wet areas to protect your device.

Smart devices are some of modern society's greatest tools. Accommodate them in the kitchen too!Smart devices are some of modern society's greatest tools. Accommodate them in the kitchen too!

Integrating smart technology could see a rise in prominence

Going smart

When it comes to new home designs, integrating smart technology could see a rise in prominence. This refers to having appliances that are synced with and operable via a smart phone or tablet. These might include refrigerators, wireless sound systems, ovens and more. An example of this in practice might be a dishwasher that notifies your phone that it has just finished washing a load.

There aren't many houses today that currently utilise these innovations. Houzz and Home Australia's 2015 report showed that only 18 per cent of renovators put the integration of smart technology to be a high priority.

Millennials are more often than not the first adopters of new technology. As more and more people within this generation mature and start building their own homes, having these devices in their kitchen could turn from a rare luxury to a sought-after feature.

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