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3 things to consider when designing your garage

Date Wednesday, 9 September 2015 5:29 PM

How can you design a garage that lives up to the overall style of your home?

When building a new home, it's easy for people to concentrate their design efforts on the kitchen, living room and other spaces that will naturally see a lot of use. Of course, these areas are integral to creating a functional and visually pleasing property, but spreading your focus across all four corners of your floor plans will ultimately enable you to create a more balanced home.  

One space that is often neglected during the planning phase is the garage. With some careful consideration, it's possible to turn this area into much more than cluttered storage space. Let's take a look at three things you should keep in mind when designing a garage:  

A great garage should be designed to complement your lifestyle.

1. Consider the purpose  

Just like the overall style of your home should reflect the needs of your family, a great garage will also be in line with your lifestyle. If you're a car enthusiast, for example, you may require a larger space, perhaps equipped with a simple workshop at which you can tinker with your toys. Alternatively, if you're looking for additional storage, exploring cupboard and cabinetry options can help you create an area that's as practical as it is beautiful.  

2. Choose between attached and detached  

An attached garage provides convenient access to the rest of your home.An attached garage provides convenient access to the rest of your home.  

Most modern home designs feature an attached garage - and for good reason. The ability to move between your car and home without exposing yourself to harsh weather conditions is convenient, and integrating the garage into your home can give the house a more seamless look.  

Detached garages might have fallen out of favour among contemporary home designers, but they do grant you more freedom when it comes to laying out your floor plans. For example, you could choose to position the garage at a different angle from the house, or convert the surrounding space into a front garden or alfresco dining space.  

3. Think about access    

Depending on area that surrounds the garage, you may want to consider additional doors.  

If you've opted for an attached garage, naturally you'll need at least two doors: one for the car to enter, and another connecting to the house. However, if the garage is bordered by a garden or courtyard area, think about installing doors that provide convenient access to these spaces.  

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