Visit one of your local G.J. Gardner Homes’ display homes today; you are sure to be impressed.

When you visit one of your local G.J. Gardner Homes’ display homes you immediately feel a sense of home when you walk in. G.J. Gardner Homes pride themselves on delivering stylish modern contemporary homes, always staying one step ahead of the rest with design trends. You can rest assure you will always be viewing the best they have to offer when visiting your local G.J. display home.

When you arrive, a new home consultant will be there to greet you and assist you in the first stages of your building process. Most display homes will be 4 or 5 bedroom house plans or perhaps even a two-storey home.

G.J. Gardner Homes also specialise in building homes customised to your lifestyle. Viewing a display home is a great way to getting a feel for what type of floor plan you like, and what design style you want. It doesn’t mean you need to pick that exact display house.

Your G.J. Gardner new home consultant will be able to show you a variety of different house plans and distinctive ways you can make variations to it, to ensure you find the perfect floor plan to suit you and your family’s individual needs.

You can also consider the option of purchasing one of many display homes for sale, custom built and designed by your local G.J. Gardner Homes builder.

Often, G.J. Gardner Homes will put one of their stunning display homes for sale on the market. This can be a good option for both homebuyers and/or investors. When you purchase a display home you know exactly how it is going to look and feel.

Many first time homebuyers feel nervous about building a new home, mainly because they can’t visualise it. When you visit and purchase a display home, you’ll get a feel for the plan and design allowing you to rest assured that you have chosen the right home for you.

Alternatively, if it’s an investment house you are looking for, most G.J. Gardner Homes’ display homes for sale are usually rented back by G.J. Gardner Homes for a fixed term rental contract. Ensuring you will always receive a rental return, while it remains under the rent back contract.

What makes G.J. Gardner Homes display homes stand out from the crowd?

All of G.J. Gardner Homes business owners are also required to be local licenced builders. These local owner/builders also build the local display homes. The quality workmanship and high attention to detail seen in these display homes is exactly what you can expect to be delivered when, you too, build your brand new home.

If you would like any more information regarding where to find you local G.J. Gardner Homes’ display homes, or any other home building related questions please contact a G.J. Gardner Homes new home consultant today.

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