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How To Choose A Floor Plan That’s Right For You

If you are planning on building a new home, you will have likely come across a range of different options…

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Designing your home, Style & Inspiration

How to Design a Stylish Laundry

Often neglected in the home design process, it’s so important to get your laundry design right, and make the most…

Design Advice, Designing your home

Designing the Perfect Outdoor Living Space

As Australians, we love the outdoors. We love the sun, the fresh air, and the lush, feel-good greenery. That’s why…

Design Advice, Designing your home

The Rules of Modern Bathroom Design

There’s no denying that your bathrooms are extremely important areas of your home. Some think that a rain head and…

Design Advice, Designing your home

Choosing a Colour Palette for your Home

Choosing a colour palette for your home is a big decision. After all, it’s more than just deciding on a…
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