Window Furnishing Ideas to Improve Your Home

Date Monday, 8 October 2018 12:00 AM

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Your dream home is taking shape and it’s time for the finishing touches – but you need some window furnishings ideas. No matter which design style you’ve embraced, you can find window furnishings that complement the rest of your home. What’s more, they don’t just look good, but can help filter light, absorb sound, and keep your home life private. In this post, we provide some practical ideas to turn your window furnishings into a seamless and functional part of your decor.

Let there be light

When you start looking at window furnishings, the choices can seem overwhelming. One of the best ways to start narrowing down the selection is to assess how much light you want to let in:

  • Roman blinds, panel blinds and curtains give you the option of being completely open for unobstructed views, or closed for privacy.
  • If you want more control over how much light comes in, many shutters and blinds allow you to rotate panels to adjust incoming light and airflow. You can choose to have soft, diffused light spilling into your room, or even angle the blinds so you have a view outside, but those outside can’t see in.
  • You can combine the best of both worlds by choosing curtains with a translucent underlay, or blinds with two layers.

Maintain control over sound, privacy and your power bill

Sometimes you want to look out the window and see your children playing in the back garden; other times you want complete privacy. Choosing the right window furnishings will help you control this, as well as impact noise levels and even your power bill.

  • If you’re located on a busy street or under a flight path, fabric window furnishings provide effective insulation against outside noise. Honeycomb or cellular blinds use an innovative design which traps sound in honeycomb-shaped fabric ‘cells’, helping reduce the noise that filters into your home. Curtains and Roman blinds can also be a great choice, as their heavy fabric can act as a physical barrier to absorb sound.
  • If environmental efficiency is a major consideration, take a look at honeycomb or cellular blinds.They’ve been specifically designed for their energy-saving properties, helping cut your power bill while looking elegant and timeless.
  • Doubleview blinds are another innovative design, being made with two layers – a sheer or translucent layer and a blockout layer for total privacy. This design not only gives you extra versatility, but can impact your energy bills, as the blockout layer prevents all sunlight from entering the room.

How’s the humidity?

Window furnishings come in a range of materials, including aluminium, timber, and fabric. But not all materials are suitable for all rooms and conditions. In damp areas like kitchens and bathrooms, it’s wise to choose PVC or faux wood. Such materials are easy to clean and don’t absorb moisture, making them a great choice for rooms with high humidity.

Colour palette

Your choice of window coverings can inject your rooms with contemporary elegance, or add vibrancy and pops of colour.

  • A neutral colour palette allows other features of the room shine and can keep your style cohesive. To complement a Hamptons style, think of using clean lines and vibrant white plantation shutters. If you’re going for a Balinese look, choose natural timbers to add warmth and depth to a room.
  • Curtains can be particularly cosy and inviting. Choose neutral tones for understated elegance, or rich, dark colours to add warmth to a neutral space.
  • If you want to be bold and creative, you can choose aluminium venetians in metallic shades, or opt for fabrics in colourful or whimsical prints. You can even play with colour and contrast to make a room look bigger.


Gone are the days of venetian blinds with long cords or bead chains that pose a significant risk to children. Now, you can choose cordless blinds, or even install motorised blinds that you operate with the flick of a remote control.

A final word

Window furnishings can seem like an afterthought, but can complement your design style and give your whole home a cohesive look. If you’re after some inspiration, talk to your local G.J. Gardner Homes office. They’ll show you a huge range of window furnishing ideas and interior options.

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