Who do you trust?

Date Tuesday, 25 July 2017 12:00 AM

Who do you trust more, your local corner sandwich shop run by the family who lives up the road, or a big American fast food chain?

The integrity of the food you feed your family is important, and so too is the integrity of the roof you put over their heads. You need to trust the people who supply both.

In a recent Australian survey, ‘good local reputation’ was ranked no.1, when new home owners were asked what criteria they used to select their builder. Surprisingly, in our current austere financial climate, it came in well ahead of ‘most affordable’ which was the second most popular criteria.

These findings echo a survey conducted by Yell, the UK’s equivalent of Sensis, earlier this year that found 41 per cent of respondents trusted local businesses more than big corporations.

On release of the survey results, Richard Hanscott, CEO of Yell said, “Our research shows that while trust for the traditional societal pillars is waning, local businesses are stepping up to the plate to fill this vacuum.”

Are we seeing a return to the days when local trust meant more than cost savings from a cheap deal?

This swing away from big business in favour of trusted locals is starting to be seen in the resurgence of Ma-and-Pa coffee shops, boutique breweries and in the success of locally-based businesses such as G.J. Gardner Homes.

Clients come to us because they hear about our reputation and feel much more comfortable trusting such a large investment to someone local.

We all live locally. Our kids go to school here, and we have a large network of family and friends. People bump into us at the bank or at the footy on the weekend, they know us. That’s why we give 100 per cent because it’s our reputation on the line with every project we take on.

We know ourselves that when making major purchasing decisions we tend to lean towards local businesses.  You can always trust a local and we think that’s what makes G.J. Gardner Homes the success that it is.

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