What does the G.J. Gardner Homes office in Albury do for the community?

Date Friday, 16 December 2016 12:00 AM

The whole G.J. Gardner Homes team loves being involved in the community - we're more than just a home builder. Leading up to Christmas, when everything's busy and priorities turn toward family and making sure the holiday season goes off without a hitch, our teams are still helping out as much as possible.

It's no different in Albury, New South Wales, where Director Leigh McGlynn says there's a real focus on helping others, because it's what the team loves doing. We sat down with Leigh for a chat recently and got an insight into just how much Albury benefits from having a G.J. Gardner Homes office in the region.

What's currently going on in Albury?

The whole G.J. Gardner Homes team put together a Legends Lunch, and former GWS Giants coach Kevin Sheedy was there.

While Christmas celebrations ramp up around the country, the whole G.J. Gardner Homes team put together a Legends Lunch, and former Greater Western Sydney Giants and Essendon coach Kevin Sheedy was in attendance.

"For every ticket we sold, some of the proceeds went toward supporting Variety Group - we raised about $5,000 this year," commented Leigh.

"We've done this for two years now, and raised over $10,000 for charity, which is really great. We've had a focus on the Cancer Foundation because it's close to all of us, and there's a few people in the office who know others battling cancer.

"At the moment, we're also doing a promotion to raise more money for Variety Group, where we give them $200 for every new concrete slab we pour. We had a conference in Sydney last month too, and we raised a lot of money through that."

What's the best thing about getting involved in the Albury community?

It's more than just seeing people supported by fundraising for the Albury team - it's about seeing people stand up and support their neighbours.

"For me, the generosity of people has always been the highlight," said Leigh.

"Whenever we ask for money or time or some kind of contribution, people jump at the opportunity. We ask tradies for help putting things together and businesses for money, and they always exceed our expectations for how much we'll get going toward a cause."

"'Movember' was one we hit really hard as a team. The whole office raised over $7,500, which put us second on the international G.J. Gardner Homes table, and we all gave that initiative a really big push. Everyone was really generous, and it was great to see."

To see what makes G.J. Gardner Homes such a positive business and an excellent contributor to the communities it's in, get in touch today. We'd love to hear from you - even if it's just an idea about a new way to give back to the community!

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