Try Before You Buy with a G.J. Gardner Design Studio

Date Friday, 13 November 2015 12:00 AM

Considering the serious financial investment at stake, we always test drive a new car before buying - but have you ever test driven a new home?

The dollars involved in a new home are significantly greater than a vehicle, so why do we leave the fit-out of our new home to good luck and chance? Why do we simply trust what it says in the brochure?

This is the thinking behind G.J. Gardner’s state-of-the-art design studios, rapidly popping up across New South Wales. These cleverly designed studios are your way to test drive a new home before the bricks are set in mortar. G.J. Gardner’s custom-built design studios allow you to immerse yourself in a space that mirrors your potential new home. You’re invited to walk around examples of our standard kitchen and bathroom layouts so you can get an idea of how your new home will look and feel once it’s up and built.

On display are a huge variety of fittings, fixtures, floor coverings, furniture and décor; everything but the kitchen si…. no wait, we have that too! As you walk through the studio you’ll get an idea of size, scale and also colour. Is that bathroom vanity a little too low, or are those kitchen cupboards just a tad high? What are the latest colour palettes and do they suit my personal style? What’s the latest in tapwear and what are my choices in tiles? You’ll get immediate answers to all these questions and more within minutes of visiting a G. J. Gardner design studio or Display Home.

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