Tips For Building a New Home

Date Tuesday, 31 October 2017 12:00 AM

Building a new home is one of life’s biggest projects, so it pays to do your research to avoid costly mistakes. Information is your best preparation, so here are our tips for building a new home.

Benefits of a New Build

There are many perks to building your own home, but having full creative control is the main attraction. No compromises on design, layout and finishings – everything just as you like it and perfectly suited to your lifestyle. A new home is also easier and cheaper to maintain, often delivering better energy efficiency and lower running costs. There can be a financial clincher too, with first home owner grants and stamp duty savings up for grabs.

Navigating the New Home Journey

When it comes to a new home that warms your heart without wrenching your wallet, preparation is key. The more planning and decision-making you do upfront, the more you’ll close the door on nasty surprises.

Deciding on Design

The biggest influences on house design are your family size, lifestyle, budget and land. The most pragmatic approach is to find a design you like, and then make minimal changes – this will keep your budget in check. If you’re stuck on where to start, here are some great design resources:

Inspiration: check out our Home Designs, Style Diary, Pinterest and Instagram as a starting point for ideas for every room of the house. In today’s market, it’s the kitchen, family area, master bedroom and outdoor living area that are highly sought-after, so they should receive the lion’s share of your attention.

Narrow down design options: After making some key criteria, such as single vs double storey, size and number of bedrooms and bathrooms, make a shortlist of your favourite house designs.

Visit a display home: There’s nothing like seeing a real home in three dimensions to help you decide if the design is right for you. This gives you a completely accurate picture of spaces, dimensions and layouts. G.J. Gardner Homes has display homes across Australia to make the process easy.

Land suitability: Of course, your chosen house design must suit your block - the size, the slope and the orientation. If you’ve already purchased land, we will conduct a site visit to advise on what’s possible; or we can help to source land to your specifications or provide a house and land package that’s ready to build.

Planning and Building With Peace of Mind

Finding the best builder for your job is the biggest decision you’ll make. More than 34,000 Australians  have chosen G.J. Gardner Homes. It’s our winning combination of a national name, with the quality, buying power and processes this brings, combined with a team of local franchisees who are passionate about their local community. Then there’s the complete choice of our stunning home designs plus the flexibility to customise to suit your needs.

After narrowing your choice of builder, review your potential contract carefully before signing on the dotted line. Ask every question about what’s included, and what costs you’ll have to factor in on top: are window finishings, floor coverings, air-conditioning, landscaping, fencing – even the letterbox – included? When it comes to fixtures and finishings, make decisions upfront, so that the quote can be as accurate as possible. With allowances, review the options before signing so you know in advance of any upgrades you’ll need. And finally, seek out a fixed price contract that’s completely clear on costs and timing of your new home.

Find out more about the G.J. Gardner building process here.

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