The right light is all in the aspect

Date Thursday, 14 January 2016 12:00 AM

Positioning your home to take advantage of the best natural light is all about getting the aspect right. As a rule of thumb, having the key living and outdoor areas facing north will give you the best use of the sun, all day no matter the season. 
Open plan living is basically a standard in any modern home design, and more often than not it will flow to an entertaining area outside. A seamless shift is the ideal, so corner-less stacker doors that open up a wall completely are incorporated into many of the G.J. Gardner Homes exclusive designs. This, coupled with lots of glass doors, large windows and high ceilings in the heart of the house allow a family to take advantage of natural light. 
The Mandalay, is a great example of a G.J. Gardner Home design that truly takes advantage of natural light, as it is a u-shape and built around a central courtyard. It has full glass paneling in the living room and also natural light peep windows in the living room to really allow light in. 
While the northern aspect is certainly the best, not every piece of land makes it possible. A good builder will take the time necessary to ensure the orientation of the house works well, and will even flip house designs to get the living areas in the right spot. 

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