The New Interior Colours - How To Make Them Work In Your Home

Date Wednesday, 14 March 2018 12:00 AM

The hot design trends in 2018 include a move towards luxurious interiors with a deep sense of comfort, the integration of the very best design elements from different cultures and a continued focus on sustainability using reclaimed materials. These trends are reflected in Dulux’s interior palette for 2018, which is all about balance and the need to slow down. If you’re looking for some inspiration to revamp the colour palette in your home, we’ve picked the best colours of 2018 and the key tips for making them work in your home.


1.    The colours of luxury

One of Dulux’s key colour trends this year is moody hues, which is a nod to the design icons of the past and features colours that will add sophistication and elegance to your interiors. Think juicy greens, burgundies and rose hues and dark blues and greys. These colours are at their best in living rooms – creating warm, opulent spaces to relax and unwind in, but we’re also seeing colours like Dulux’s Biro Blue appear in bathrooms – giving them a timeless, elegant feel and creating a haven away from everyday life.

Low-hung lighting, a mix of classic and modern furniture styles, metallic objects and luxe cushions and throws help to bring these colours to life and create an opulent, cosy space in your home.


2.    Culture colours

The layering of colour, pattern, traditions and techniques from a variety of cultures is a key design direction in 2018. This trend is reflected in Dulux’s ‘Kinship’ palette, which includes rich, earthy colours like ochre, terracotta, rust, and organic greens and greys. These are designed to create a sense of warmth and positivity. A clever way to make this palette work is to use the same tones – like teaming rich ochre with terracotta and rust.

Colours from this palette work well in most rooms. For living spaces, think about using bolder, earthy colours on walls and accentuating these spaces with black accents in artwork and furniture, folky cushions and timbers, natural stone and greenery. For bedrooms, consider a lighter hue within this palette as a feature wall or use a neutral colour like grey on the walls and incorporate the warmer, earthy colours in bed linen, artwork and accessories.


3.    Colours to ground you

Sustainability is a key theme in the design trends for 2018 and our search for a more authentic existence has inspired Dulux’s ‘Essential’ colour palette. With a nod to the Nordic tradition of Hygge (a feeling of cosy contentment and well-being through enjoying the simple things in life), the ‘Essential’ palette features natural colours such as soft brown, sand and grey-green.

The idea when styling rooms using this palette is to keep it simple and to blend a variety of textures. Use concrete or suede effects to create feature walls, seek out natural and recycled materials and use hand-crafted ornaments and natural linens.



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