Stamp of Approval

Date Friday, 4 December 2015 12:00 AM

Peace of mind is more precious than gold when it comes to building a new home for the first time. And peace of mind is exactly what you’ll get when your G.J. Gardner Homes builder takes charge of the mountains of paperwork involved in starting a new build. 
From the Council development application at the start of the project to the occupation certificate at the end, G.J. Gardner builders know how to side-step the bureaucratic pot-holes that can lead to costly delays.
Trevor Burns, one of our G.J. Gardner franchise owners, deals with the administrative side of building projects on a daily basis and said you can gain the first step of Council approvals in as little as 10 days.
“We deal with the relevant people at our respective local Councils frequently and have developed a high level of respect and trust,” Trevor said. “So if there’s a question over something we can get it resolved quickly with a simple phone call or email to the right person before it develops into an issue that could delay the project.”
Trevor said G.J. Gardner Homes builders will always check with local government authorities to ensure your block has no restrictions concerning easements or covenants that could affect the kind of building allowed on the site. They’ll also research the environmental history of the area and look at things like bushfire rating and flood zoning, and pre-empt anything that could be a problem.
“Our people keep an eye on how each project is proceeding, and if something seems to be taking too long, they get to the bottom of the cause and gets things moving again.” Trevor said.
“Sometimes there will be delays out of our control like weather, that can hold up a project but we keep our clients well informed at all times, and appreciate their patience when unforeseen circumstances impact a project. 

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