Renovate or detonate?

Date Monday, 4 November 2013 12:00 AM

Families grow and change and it is not surprising to find your home isn’t such a great fit anymore. So what happens when you don’t want to leave your street, your neighbourhood or your community?

Many people’s initial response is to renovate, fix what needs fixing and change what needs changing. If you live in an older property you might love its heritage features and old world charm, but you may be in for unwanted surprises when you start pulling down walls, renovating floors or making structural changes.

Many home owners are shocked when suddenly faced with 100 year old wiring, the need to replace original water and sewerage pipes, deal with rising damp and remove toxic building material. And that could be just the tip of the iceberg!

The best solution could be to knock down and rebuild. When you build with us, we build to suit your needs. You can take one of our many designs and adapt it, alternatively we can custom create to your own house design. It’s your home, so it’s your choice.

There are many Council regulations which must be checked before any decision to either renovate or knock down and rebuild is made. Is your home in a heritage listed area? Is your home listed on Council’s significant building register? Are any changes you want to make approvable within your Council’s Local Environmental Plan?

The best decision you can make is a well-informed one, so get the right advice suitable for your personal circumstances.

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