Project Tracker puts you in the driver's seat

Date Friday, 16 September 2016 12:00 AM

Building a new home for the first time can be a daunting prospect for many; having to relinquish control and put all your faith in a builder can be a hard thing to do when it's your hard-earned coin on the line. It can generate extra unwanted stress in the lives of busy people.
G.J Gardner's Project Tracker has been designed to help clients feel more in control of the building process through the simple art of communication.
Each week, clients are sent an email update that outlines what's been happening on their project over the previous week. It lists any milestones achieved and runs through what the coming week holds in store.
Clients can also log onto a secure online site where they can see photographs of their building project in progress, helping them to feel more informed about, and part of, the building process. If they have any questions, a simple phone call or email to the office is all it takes to find the answer.
Natalie Urquhart from G.J. Gardner in Tamworth said Project Tracker was very popular with her clients, particularly those from out of town.
"Living a long way from where you're building can be a challenge; you're unable to check on progress regularly and it can create anxiety," Natalie said. "Project Tracker reduces that anxiety and gives clients back peace of mind the job is going according to schedule."
"When we gather feedback from clients at the end of a project, we always receive very high scores for communication, largely due to Project Tracker. It's a fantastic tool to ensure everyone's always up to date with the latest information."

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