New homes the way to go for better buying

Date Wednesday, 27 July 2016 12:00 AM

Anyone on the hunt for a new home currently may need to rethink their strategy after research revealed the cost of building a home was close to $360,000 cheaper in Sydney than buying an existing dwelling.*

Local builder Horst Lueckl, from G.J. Gardner Homes Sydney North, said buyers had two choices to capitalise on the opportunity; Knock Down Rebuild for people wanting to stay local, or purchasing land in the newer estates in the outer suburbs.  Horst said Knock Down Rebuild allows people to build in the suburb they currently live and save themselves from renovations that can blow out the budget.  “With the housing shortage in Sydney still a major issue hopefully this research will assist people in making better decisions about renovating versus building.”

Recent new home owners, Elsa Vanko and her husband Scott from Sydney’s northern suburbs, came to the same conclusion when it came time to upgrade their lifestyle. “We chose to knock down and rebuild simply because it was more cost effective,” Elsa said. “We looked into renovating and, for what we wanted to do, it was about the same pricing.” 

“The benefit with a Knock Down Rebuild is that we have all new plumbing and electrical but most importantly we got the home we wanted instead of just making the space work within the existing configuration.”  Horst said that new builds guaranteed a clean slate and eliminated the nasty surprises that sometimes came when working on older dwellings. “You are also guaranteed to enjoy the layout and lifestyle the home offers, as you are in charge of the design from the start. There is no need to allocate for renovations to make the property perfect as many people do when they buy an older existing dwelling.”

Elsa said in her situation the benefits of using a local builder were far-reaching. “Local builders know the area and how best to work with council,” she said.  “Local builders also know how to build for the style of the area and the climate. “The best experience we had working with a local builder – in our case it was G.J. Gardner Homes- was the communication and openness . It was like working with a neighbour. Communication when building a home is very important in that it provides all parties involved with a solid foundation and understanding of the process before and during a build.”

In Elsa and Scott’s case the decision to Knock Down Rebuild paid dividends with their new home to be featured on Best Houses Australia on 12th August on the Seven Two Network. “I love my home and if it’s labeled as one of Australia’s Best Houses then I’ll take it humbly as it’s well deserved,” Elsa said.  “All parties involved; G.J. Gardner staff, my partner and I; all worked very hard to make this build happen smoothly and effectively with a wonderful outcome.”

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