It's time to build - how long will it take?

Date Thursday, 4 February 2016 12:00 AM

The house design is complete, contracts signed and finances sorted so now the real fun begins – the build!
This part of the construction process is where everything comes together and the true experience and talent of your chosen builder comes to shine. Every builder is different but on average when you build with G.J. Gardner Homes the average timing is a minimum of 16 - 18 weeks. 
While timing is affected by the size, style and location of your new home. Every build goes through similar stages of production.  
1. Foundation
The first step is to ensure the foundation of your block is flat, level and ready to hold your new house securely. Depending on your block you may need extra earth works and engineering but once that is ready the slab will be poured. All plumbing points will also be determined before the slab is poured. 
2. Frame
Next the frame of the building will go up. This is exciting as you can really start to see your new home take shape. 
3. Roof
The roof is the next item to be completed and ensures the home is protected better from the elements. 
4. Lock up stage
This is where the outside of the house is erected including all outside walls, doors and windows put into place. Once this is finalized your home is in what is called ‘lock up stage’ and is ready for the finishing touches to be added inside. 
5. Fixtures
This is where all your deliberation and styling over the fixtures comes to fruition. Internal wall cladding goes in first, followed by any cabinetry, then the flooring, tiling and splash backs are finished. Finally all the painting is completes the home and it ready for the keys to be handed over to you. 
While builders take every precaution to keep on track with their timings there are instances when weather, or client changes can sometimes impact timing. Builders know how important your new home is though and they will always try to stick to the plan as it gives them as much satisfaction to hand over the keys to your new home, as it does for you to receive them. 
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