It's all in the timing

Date Wednesday, 9 December 2015 12:00 AM

Building a new home is an exciting process but how long should it take? We asked Peter Leotta from G.J. Gardner Homes what someone could expect. “Depending on the design chosen, the average build time for a G.J. Gardner home is six to nine months, and that’s just for the actual build,” Peter said. “Before you get to that stage it generally takes one to two months to decide on and finalise the design and then gain the necessary Council approvals.” “Different Councils have different regulations which may also add time on to a project,” Peter said.  “There may be separate issues such as Heritage listing, flood and bushfire zoning and poor soil conditions that have to be looked into by the approving authorities.”
However, Peter said by going with a local builder like G.J. Gardner some of the unnecessary delays can be avoided. “The biggest advantage of using a local builder like G.J. Gardner Homes is that we have developed solid working relationships with local Councils. We have good systems in place that Councils know they can rely on and that speeds things up. And if there are any issues we can talk directly to the right person and get the problem resolved in short time.” Peter said it was important to be aware of other factors could also add time to a new home build.
 “Wet weather will always delay a project and unfortunately that is one element well and truly out of the builder’s hands. For builds on soil with a high clay contact, and particularly sloping blocks, we might recommend you start building in the dryer winter months. “A project can be held up if there’s a delay in the delivery of a specially requested material, such as a particular marble tile, for example, particularly if it comes from overseas and is held up in customs.”
Australia’s skills shortage was also an area that Peter singled out as being a current problem of concern. “Australia generally at the moment is experiencing a lack of high quality tradespeople,” Peter said, “The advantage G.J. Gardner Homes has here, is that because we are all locally owned and operated franchises, we engage local tradespeople who we know we can trust. That trust is a two-way street, so we enjoy the loyalty of local tradespeople who always do their upmost to ensure our projects are delivered on time.”
Peter said the more time and thought people put into their new homes design before they book an appointment with a builder, the quicker the process becomes. “Even a rough floor plan scribbled on the back of a napkin gives us a good place to start,” Peter said, “Just from something as simple as that we can get a good idea of what you’re looking for. We can narrow down the options and get straight to the finer points of design. Every little bit helps.” “The G.J Gardner model is a good one in that, unlike smaller builders, we can put together a quote in a day or two. Smaller builders have to go out to tender on each project. Similarly larger, national builders have delays because everything has to go through their estimators. We don’t have that time-chewing middle man, and can get the ball rolling much faster. “Builders understand how much people want to get into their new home and we always do what we can to make that happen as soon as possible. “When something does cause a delay though, we appreciate it when clients are kind enough to  show us patience and understanding as we really don’t like letting people down.” 

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