Investment Property Case Study – How did Newcastle Knights Cheerleader Tania Smith Buy 3 houses Before She Was 30?

Date Thursday, 1 May 2014 12:00 AM

When 30-year-old Newcastle Knights cheerleader Tania Smith told us she’d built a portfolio of 3 properties before the age of 30 we were impressed.

When Tania told us she was getting rental returns of over 30% in the Hunter Valley region during the GFC we knew we had to bring her unique story to the world.

When asked the following investment property case study questions, Tania’s experience came shining through.

How many properties do you own? How much did you pay for them? What are they worth now?

I own 3 properties:

  • A 4-bedroom house on 5 acres in QLD, which was purchased for $265,000 in 2005 and is now worth $360,000.
  • Two, 3-bedroom houses in NSW, which were purchased for $420,000 in 2012 and are now worth $500,000.

Tell us about your first property? 

We purchased our first house when we were 21. At the time we saved our deposit over 6 months while we rented.

After living in the house for three years we moved interstate and rented the house out.

6 years later the original tenants are still in the house, which we still run slightly negatively geared, intentionally.

What made you buy your second and third investment properties? 

In 2012 an opportunity to buy a block of land, with 2 x 3 bedroom houses, in the middle of Singleton arose (Singleton is a mining, tourist and vineyard driven community within the Hunter Valley region).

We picked up the two houses at a steal, after they had been sitting on the market for nearly two years.

After doing some cosmetic renovations we were lucky enough to strike a deal with some local miners, which generated a rental return of 30% p.a. for nearly two years.


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