How to Achieve The Hamptons Style for Your New Home

Date Tuesday, 30 January 2018 12:00 AM

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There are some aspects of the American way of life that Australians have been more than happy to adopt: Southern food, Black Friday sales and Netflix among them. In recent years, Aussies have wholeheartedly embraced Hamptons style house plans. Originating in beachside holiday homes for New York's elite, Hamptons housing has proved timeless, inspiring designers for decades.

Interior G.J. house with Hamptons styling

It's also a seamless fit for the Australian way of life, with a luxe casual appeal, understated aesthetic and beachy vibes.

Signature Hamptons design elements

Gracious Hamptons architecture translates well to Australia: the extensive use of timber (or timber-look cladding in contemporary adaptations) and verandahs are not so far removed from our Queenslanders. So what are the elements of Hamptons style house design?

  • Gable or slimline style roofs, often in a darker shade and tiled
  • Large verandahs
  • Timber panelling and fretwork, with a pastel colour palette
  • Timber flooring
  • Shutters
  • Lots of natural lighting: skylights can work well
  • French doors
  • Open plan design
  • The ubiquitous white picket fence

And now to the fun part: Hamptons interior design. You’ll need a restrained eye, as the feeling is all about light, natural, welcoming spaces that are cosy and inviting, but never overdone. There is some scope to steer your design to a more earthy feel, or take it to a more elegant aesthetic where chandeliers and mirrors set the scene. Design tips include:

  • White or neutral walls and muted colour palettes
  • Light timber flooring with a natural feel
  • Natural materials with elegant design
  • Greenery indoors
  • Chandeliers and statement mirrors
  • Pendant and lantern-style lighting
  • Skirted sofas and textured rugs in natural fibres like sisal
  • Wicker timber furniture
  • Linen furnishings
  • Cosy throw rugs
  • Beach themed accessories, like nautical prints and driftwood

After a Hamptons home?

Whether you're wanting a touch of Hamptons style or an entire home, we offer numerous options to make it easy.

  • Fabulous facades: A number of our homes offer a Hamptons-style facade to add classic style and street appeal.
  • The Coogee 427, Forest Park 228, Mountain Views 237 and the Newport 284 are just a few examples that come with this option.
  • Interior inspiration: We offer many interior design options that will give your home that relaxed, luxurious Hamptons feel.
  • Give us your brief: If you have something specific in mind, we can customise an existing home or create a design from scratch.
  • Take a look at this Hamptons haven created by G.J. Gardner Homes for a Northern Beaches family in Sydney - it was featured on the TV show Best Houses Australia

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