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Date Wednesday, 21 October 2015 12:00 AM

Even as a young carpenter starting out in the building trade in the early 1980s, Peter Mannion from Synergy Designs was fascinated by good design. “I remember being frustrated at what I could see were obvious design flaws in the buildings I was working on,” Peter said. “I kept thinking, ‘I can do better’.”  Eventually Peter’s keen eye for design caught his employer’s attention and he was given the chance to plan homes.
Fast forward to 2015, and Peter Mannion now looks back on a fascinating 35 year career in building design; a career that has seen him work in Europe, South East Asia and the United States for firms eager to tap into his progressive point of view. “When I’m designing a house, I like to give the client as much home for their money as possible,” Peter responded when asked about his approach to his work. “I do this through the use of thoughtful design. “I want the new occupants to really enjoy the home they live in; every space has to work, and every space has to achieve a sense of balance and proportion. “You don’t want to be walking vast distances from one end of the home to the other for simple tasks.  I like to keep integral spaces, like the kitchen, central. However, at the same time each member of the family needs their place of escape.”
Peter believes that each member of the household should be included in the design process and he takes the time to get to know and understand how each person lives. “I emphasise zones in my designs. Private zones for every member of the family, but also shared areas, such as nooks to do homework, generous outdoor areas to enjoy together and quiet areas where you can curl up with a good book.”
Peter is the mastermind behind the exclusive home designs of G.J. Gardner Homes. You can check out his work here

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