Getting the light right in the bathroom

Date Wednesday, 17 February 2016 12:00 AM

Our day starts and ends performing morning and evening rituals in the bathroom, preparing the body and mind with the day or night ahead. Whether your visit is for a necessity or a relaxing moment, your bathroom experience can be enhanced by getting the light right.  
We surveyed our local G.J. Gardner Homes builder to get their top four tips to create the perfectly lit bathroom, and it’s all about using layers of lights. Including these four elements will ensure your bathroom is practical and beautiful. 
1. Substitute natural lighting with ambient lighting
Bathrooms are used around the clock. Using spotlights or a bright central pendant in your bathroom is a good substitute to natural lighting. 
2. Flattering reflection with task-oriented lighting 
Create a flattering and shadowless illuminated mirror by avoiding above mirror lighting and opting for mirror side mounted lights instead. This will create a uniform light, assisting with makeup application, shaving and hygiene routines. 
3. Set the mood using accent lighting 
Use a small recessed spotlight to create depth and promote a relaxing ambiance by illuminating design features like a nice tilework, a piece of art or a sculptural plant. This could also be used as a nightlight for your guests.
4. Enrich your décor with decorative lighting 
Enrich your bathroom décor with a personal touch using decorative lights and light fixtures like mini chandeliers, candles or bath lights. 
For more ideas and inspirations, we invite you on our Pinterest Page to discover our selection of modern bathrooms.

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