Fixed price quoting best for the budget

Date Thursday, 24 December 2015 12:00 AM

We asked one of our franchisees Micah Middelbosch to give us the low down on the benefits of fixed price quotes.  
Fixed price quotes are ideal for customers as the final price is what they pay at the end. There are no hidden extras. Quotes are based on actual costs rather than provisions like many builders utilize. 
There are many things a builder should take into consideration to reach the final price; such as the type of block you are building on, the style of home design and also the level of inclusions you want. 
Builders using the provisional costing method will provide rough estimates of what something might cost. For example, a builder may allow $5000 for earthworks but once the job starts it might end up $20,000 because the job was not reviewed properly. 
A fixed price quote means time has been taken to assess the job including every aspect of the build from earthworks to finishing. This may take a few months to collate all the costs but the wait is worth it, because customers are certain there are no hidden extras. The only time a variation would be made to a fixed price quote is after approval and only because the client changed their mind and wanted something else. 
Another area many customers get caught on is the inclusions. Many independent builders will allow the client to select their own but at G.J. Gardner Homes we include a standard level of inclusions, as this saves money in the long-run because clients can benefit from our national buying power. The type of inclusions offered will vary from builder to builder depending on the market and the most common style of housing, but some of the high quality inclusions to look out for are:
* 8.5 foot ceilings 
* 25 degree roof pitch
* Mixer fittings standard
* Shower rails
* Laminate benchtops
* Ceiling and wall insulation
* LED lights
We also provide the flexibility for clients to choose the inclusions they wish too, which are then listed in the final fixed price. 
Fixed price quoting is the safest option for clients because they can budget secure in the knowledge there will be no hidden extras. So when you first start considering which builder to go with ask them if they have a fixed price policy, otherwise it might end up costing you more than you think. 

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