Falling in love with the Coolum

Date Tuesday, 20 October 2015 12:00 AM

“I think the whole country has fallen in love with The Coolum,” is the quietly confident declaration made by world-leading designer, Peter Mannion. “The Coolum is a great example of a home design where every square metre works,” Peter explains. “There’s no wasted space, yet there still is a sense of space. That’s the beauty of this design.”
Peter says the design philosophy behind the Coolum was to create a 4-bedroom home that is extremely functional, visually appealing, and delivers as much home for the dollar as possible. “Its central design means there’s no need to shout for people at the other end of the house to hear you, and lines of visibility are kept as open as possible but at the same time every member of the household has their own private space,” he said.
The Coolum design embraces the concept of ‘zones’; areas that cater to the needs of every household member, from the littlies to the grown-ups. However, within these zones the spaces are extremely multi-functional. Media rooms can be turned into bedrooms, homework nooks turned into offices. The Coolum is designed to adapt and fit the changing needs of the home owner. “There’s a high level of versatility built into the design, many rooms are designed to change as the needs of the family do.”
Despite being a spacious 4- bedroom home, The Coolum has been designed to fit most house blocks while still embracing Australia’s love of outdoors living. “In a country like Australia where we enjoy great weather, I think it’s important to design homes with a strong interaction between outside and inside living areas,” Peter says.  “The alfresco area of The Coolum is an extension of the interior living space, and, like the rest of the house, has a versatility of uses.”
To find out more about The Coolum and the options available visit www.gjgardner.com.au

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