Embracing the sustainable Christmas decorating trend

Date Tuesday, 28 November 2017 12:00 AM

There’s no getting around the fact that a more minimalist, earthy approach to Christmas decorations has become more in favour over the past few years. Whether you’re a full-blown advocate for the new trend, or just a traditionalist looking to get some new ideas, here’s a run-down on the best ideas this new wave of decorating has to offer.

1.    If you’re looking for a sustainable and cost-effective way to decorate your home during the festive season, it pays to plan ahead and purchase some key items during the sales in the months before Christmas. Look for classic pieces like table runners and tablecloths in earthy tones that you can base your decorating themes on from year-to-year. You can then add as much or as little colour as you like with cheaper decorating items and handmade pieces.

2.    There are literally hundreds of great examples of Christmas decorations you can make at home on social media platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram. A great idea is to grab some small branches/twigs, bark and greenery from your backyard and make your own earthy decorations. Inspired ideas for decorations include Christmas wreaths for your door made of twigs and greenery with a splash of red, stacked Christmas trees made of twigs and tied with twine, hanging ornament branches and even feather wreaths made from the feathers that have fallen off your chickens! You can find some great inspiration from Designer Joanna Gaines over at popsugar.com.au

3.    Make sure your decorations look good both during the day and at night. This can be as simple as adding some homemade candles and LED string lights that you can purchase throughout the year when they are on sale. Remember that LED and natural light candles don’t have to necessarily have a Christmas theme – often they will look more stylish in an interior setting if they are neutral colours, like white.

4.    While you’re decorating your own home, why not think about making some extra decorations for your local charity who may be hosting a Christmas lunch for those in your community that might be less fortunate. You could even get in contact with them to see if you could lend a hand at one of the events they're hosting on or before Christmas Day.

5.    Don’t forget to take the Christmas decorations down when the festivities have finished – having the Yuletide decorations still up at Easter when friends and family come to visit is not a good look!


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