Don’t just do it yourself, do it smart: An insiders guide to renovating

Date Wednesday, 4 June 2014 12:00 AM

Mortgage Choice recently surveyed homeowners asking them if they planned to renovate. Forty per cent said they were and the areas targeted for a makeover included the two stalwarts, the kitchen and the bathroom but also showed that a new renovation priority was the alfresco.

Property Observer surveyed renovating specialists across the board: from investors to designers and architects, here are the hottest renovating tips straight from the experts.

·      Decide whether you are buying an investment property or making a home purchase.  Are you planning to renovate and sell? Or buy, renovate and hold? This decision should guide what kind of renovations you undertake and how much you will invest in them.

·      Research your architect and remember that trends come and go, something cutting edge today may look embarrassingly dated tomorrow and this will affect its re-sale value. Keep things simple, classic well designed renovations, built with skill should be your priority.

·      Remember the classics, put your money where it shows, this means invest in quality kitchen and bathroom renovations. As a rule 5 per cent of the value of your house should be in your kitchen and 1 per cent spent on the bathroom. These two rooms at real fiscal value to your home.

·      First impressions count. A smarted up and renovated facade makes your house immediately attractive and landscaping should be part of your renovation budget, bringing your alfresco alive with a lovely green aspect. 

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