Display homes the best for building inspiration

Date Wednesday, 14 October 2015 12:00 AM

You want to build a new home but where is the best place to source ideas for your dream home? Magazines, friends, online? The answer may surprise you….display homes.
Display homes were voted the number one source of inspiration for new home builders, according to our recent survey of 1000 new home builders. 
The Building My Home study indicated that 62 per cent of people found looking through display homes gave them the best idea of what they wanted in their new home, followed by home and lifestyle magazines at 35 per cent, and then advice from friends and family at 34 per cent. 
Visiting a display home can give you the chance to experience a house and all its features prior to investing in an actual design. It’s also a great way to work out exactly what you do and don’t want. 
While looking at pictures and designs of a house is useful, it doesn’t provide the depth of understanding that physically experiencing a house does.
Design aspects such as kitchen layout can look perfect in a plan, but it isn’t until you go in and try it that you might realise the cupboards are impractical or the bench is slightly too high for your families’ needs.
Visit a variety of display homes in your area to see what you like and feel free to take pictures so you can remember what you loved from each.
Remember, most home designs have a variety of facades and inclusions you can choose from so don’t be put off if you want changes. No matter if it’s a totally custom home or you love a ready-designed style a good builder will be able to help you make it a reality.
For a list of G.J. Gardner Homes Display Homes currently open in your area visit http://www.gjgardner.com.au/offices/display-homes.aspx#

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