Designing your new kitchen? The kitchen triangle...

Date Thursday, 4 September 2014 12:00 AM

More than any other room in the house, a kitchen needs to be functional. Gone are the days when this area was used only for cooking – in most households the kitchen is now the primary living space and doubles as a dining and entertaining area too.

So when you are designing a new kitchen it makes sense to put practicality at the top of your list.  Of course, we all want our kitchen to look like a magazine spread, but we also want our super-stylish workspaces to be large enough to, well, work in. No matter what size your kitchen, you can maximise space with a bit of clever design work.

Traditionally good kitchen designed relied on a ‘triangle’ of three points no more than two to three metres apart. These points designated the location of the sink, oven and fridge, and ensured easy movement between the three.

However, these days the proliferation of appliances (and the popularity of the island bench) is changing the way we lay out our working space. If you want to incorporate multiple appliances, the trick is to break your kitchen design down into zones and create smaller triangles within these (for example, the fridge, built-in espresso machine and pantry form one triangle, while the sink, Thermomix and waste bin form another). Map out the available space, write a list of appliances and features and keep tweaking until everything fits.

This approach takes a bit of extra planning at the design stage but will mean you are left with a much more functional space to enjoy. And the best part? No clutter, because all your appliances will have a home.  

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