Choosing a dining table for your home

Date Thursday, 28 January 2016 12:00 AM

In todays’ open plan living the dining table is often a central feature; the connector between the kitchen and living areas. A central place where the kids can do their homework, games can be played and meals can be enjoyed So it’s important to get the table right not only to suit the look of your new home but to also suit your family’s needs. 
Here are some factors to consider. 
Shape: What is going to work in the area and maximise space- round, oval, rectangle, or square? Round tables are great for maximising smaller spaces, as they generally fit more people around them and can work well in tight spots in a home. Rectangles, on the other hand, work better for accommodating a lot of people because at a large round table the distance to reach food is much greater.
Size: How big does the table need to be to comfortably seat the average amount of guests you would like to host at the table, with room to move around it? Allow at least 90cm behind each chair for adequate movement. The width of the table should be at least 1.5 to allow ample place for food and place settings. 
Materials: In most homes the dining table is used everyday so when considering the best material don’t just go on style, consider the wear and tear of the table. Wood, is visually appealing and great for adding character and warmth to a room. It also usually has a great wear and tear capacity, unless it’s a highly polished or coated wood.  Surfaces such as glass, stone and marble are more durable. They can also be a bit cold from a design perspective.  Glass is certainly the most effort to keep clean. 
Make sure before you step foot in any shop that you have measured the space up properly (at least twice) and have the dimensions with you. 

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