By far and away, its The Mandalay!

Date Friday, 27 November 2015 12:00 AM

Boasting advanced designs features you’d usually expect to see in architectural magazines, The Mandalay from G.J. Gardner Homes offers elegance in design while still retaining a feel of ‘home.’
Designer Peter Mannion said the Mandalay was created with Australia’s alfresco, outdoor-loving lifestyle in mind.  “The most impressive feature of the Mandalay is the internal courtyard that really opens the home up and creates an indoor/outdoor flow,” Peter said. “It makes for a very private outdoor living space”.  “It also lets in extra natural light which makes the home bright and lively – there’s no dark corners places in The Mandalay.” Peter said as well as being an impressive design feature, the courtyard also contributes to the home’s environmental credentials. “Opening the house up to more of the winter sun helps to warm the entire home naturally. And in the summer, the courtyard allows for much better air flow throughout the entire house which is very cooling.” 
When asked why we don’t see more homes taking advantage of outdoor space in this way, Peter said it was a case of assumption.  “Many builders shy away from this kind of design because they think it’s too hard and that all the extra external walls will be too cost-prohibitive.” Peter said. “However with a little lateral thinking it can be done in a cost effective way as we’ve shown.”
With the option to customise, the standard Mandalay plan comes with a second outdoor alfreso area, two car garage, butler’s pantry, two lounge/family rooms and a choice of three or four bedrooms.

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