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Date Saturday, 1 October 2016 12:00 AM

Here at G.J. Gardner Homes, we like to see new homes popping up in our local areas. We like it even more if those local areas are tight-knit communities where everyone helps each other out. That's exactly what the city of Toowoomba is.

Edward Thomas is the regional sales manager in Toowoomba, and he has helped G.J. Gardner Homes to become a major part of how the community comes together. Read on to find out more.

More than just a builder

"We go the extra mile after the build is done."

G.J. Gardner Homes doesn't just stop at building amazing places to live. Ed believes that to create better communities, there needs to be a focus on people living well after they move into their dream home, not just on the day they get the keys.

"We go the extra mile after the build is done," said Ed.

"We make sure that people are as happy years down the track as they were when we gave them the keys for the first time."

When you move into a G.J. Gardner Homes design, you're also helping to make the community a better place, by supporting your local home builders.

"One major project that stood out as a highlight for me was teaming up with a local Rotary club and building a dream home," continued Ed.

"We were supporting the charity ROMAC, which provides emergency medical assistance to children who otherwise couldn't afford it, in developing countries. We had to source land, which needed to be bought on credit until after the sale of the finished product. All of the labour on-site was done for free. Our supplied goods were heavily discounted, we got a house frame for free, a kitchen for free. Brian Sams designed our garden for us as well, which was really awesome.

"There were three bidders on auction day, and it went to a young family, raising about $100,000 after the expenses were taken out. That definitely stands out as a highlight for me."

What regular things does the Toowoomba office put on for the community?

Aside from being a strong presence in the community and helping out with charity fundraising, sometimes the G.J. Gardner Homes team just wants to show its true Australian character.

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"One thing we've been doing a lot lately is helping with family fundraising days. If there's an event on, we'll throw up a tent and put some sausages on a barbeque. If the organisers want us to raise money, we take a gold coin for the hot dogs, but if not, we're just there handing out a free feed."

The G.J. Gardner Homes Toowoomba office is a great example of how we like to help out in the community. To find out more, get in touch today!

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