Building a tech-free zone in your home.

Date Saturday, 1 October 2016 12:00 AM

Being connected to a smart device is almost a way of life. With around 15 million smartphones in Australia, according to the Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey from 2015, and only 24 million people, smartphone connectivity is almost ubiquitous. It's still vital to be away from your phones and tablets and smartwatches and computers and smart TVs and smart fridges for some time each day though (what a list that's becoming). But in a high-tech new home design from G.J. Gardner Homes, how is that even possible?

When you've got a Sony Bravia X9300C 65-inch 4K television in your living room, a short-throw projector screen in your bedroom, and even a Wi-Fi-enabled fridge in the kitchen, sometimes it just feels like you can't escape the screens in your life. So much of our lives are on smart devices, such as work and personal emails and social media profiles. Sometimes it's hard to turn our eyes to a paperback book, or even have a conversation with a real human being!

So much of our lives are on smart devices, such as work and personal emails and social media profiles.

That's the value of a gadget-free zone in your new G.J. Gardner Homes design. Somewhere you can escape the Internet of Things and just spend time relaxing, not connected to the outside world, and talking to people in your family face-to-face.

What could you use a gadget-free zone for?

A gadget-free zone is fairly self-explanatory. Simply leave your smart devices somewhere else when you enter. You could set this space up as open-plan, or as a completely separate room in a corner of your home. Whatever you choose, make sure it's comfortable.

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You need to feel comfortable in here, because, at least in the early stages of using it, you're going to feel completely disconnected from the outside world. This will be a strange feeling, especially after so many years of relying on your devices for news, communication and research. But it's not a bad thing. In fact, if you get your whole family in there at once, you could hold some really fantastic conversations, and get to know all sorts of juicy information about each other!

It's also a nice place to go to read a book, or to just sit in silence with your thoughts and process some things. These are both therapeutic practices, and if done regularly, will reduce stress considerably, according to an Entrepreneur article from December 2014.

A gadget-free zone in your home is great for strengthening family relationships, reducing stress, and finally finishing that book that's been on your bedside table for the past six months. To find out more about creating this space in your own home, get in touch with G.J. Gardner Homes today.

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