Backyard looking a little tired. G.J.'s top tips

Date Monday, 4 August 2014 12:00 AM

Backyard looking a little tired? There are a few must-haves to create the outdoor space of your dreams. Update these four elements, fire up the barbecue and you’ll be entertaining in no time.


If you have an existing pool, consider updating the surrounding pavers, fencing or even the pool surface to create a more contemporary look. A small backyard can easily accommodate a small plunge pool or spa. If you have decking, extend this around the pool for a resort feel. 


You’ll need a covered outdoor entertaining space to protect guests from the elements. This can be a tiled area under the roofline, a balcony or deck or a pergola by the pool. Whatever you choose, make sure it is well positioned in relation to your home’s kitchen – there’s nothing worse than having to traipse through half the house to get another drink.


If you entertain a lot, consider investing in an outdoor kitchen with built-in barbecue, pizza oven and bar fridge. Make sure you choose appliances that are suitable for outdoor use.


Using a similar floor surface in your internal and external living areas is a great way to create an open-plan feel. You can also extend your home’s internal colour scheme to your outdoor spaces using matching cushions, throw rugs or accessories.


There’s no point in having a beautiful outdoor area if the rest of your garden is a shambles. Professional landscaping incorporating grassed areas, a variety of native plants and shrubs and some visual interest – such as feature stonework or terraced garden – is the only way to finish off your outdoor area. 

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