Achieve the Scandi Design Look for Your New Home

Date Friday, 4 May 2018 12:00 AM

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Scandinavian house design takes more than a trip to your local IKEA. If you’re set on Scandi style for your new home, read on for ideas on everything from architecture to artwork. 
Scandinavian design is more than a trend, it’s a classic design style that’s admired the world over. It’s known for its simplicity, connection to nature, natural light, neutral palettes, and comfortable functionality. 
Building a new home is a rare opportunity to bring Scandi style to full fruition so that it flows throughout every room. Here are some key design and decoration ideas: 

  • Timber tones: Light, honey-coloured timber features heavily in Scandinavian housing. Timber flooring is a must-have, but there are many creative ways to add other architectural features. Timber feature walls and ceilings are always a stand-out, while timber or timber-look garage doors create an inviting entrance. Talk to your builder about built-in timber features, such as shelving and seating, or where it could be used for trims and beams. Outside, consider timber benching and screening for a warm, contemporary effect. 
  • Bring the outside in: A seamless indoor-outdoor feel is the aim here. Think expansive windows, glassed courtyards, lots of natural lighting and using indoor plants. 
  • A white base: To achieve that clean, calm look, you need crisp white walls. Then you can mix charcoal accents with furnishings that add a soft pastel palette – think pinks, light blues and teals. If a splash of colour is more your style, you’ll find bolder options at design houses such as Marimekko.
  • Restrained decoration: A Scandi house is a decluttered house. Make sure your place features lots of built-in storage so that decluttering comes easily. Scandi style is just about everywhere when it comes to home decoration, so you can check out the chain stores or splash out on original furniture. Your decor and soft furnishings should play on geometry, like timber pendant lamps or grid print bedding. You’ll want to mix materials to create a layered look, such as a hide rug paired with a knitted throw.

And finally, a word on house design. The good news is that many modern house designs lend themselves to Scandi style: look for clean, contemporary lines and open plan living. Box-style designs are a great place to start, with the simple elegance of rectangular lines and easily-added timber features. G.J. Gardner Homes offers a huge range of house designs in this style, and you can always make your own customisations to amp up the Scandi style. While you’re still in planning mode, don’t forget to think about sustainability – the Swedes are known for it, not to mention it will save on running costs and environmental impact. 

If you’re after a Scandinavian-inspired new home, talk to your local G.J. Gardner Homes office. They’ll show you a huge range of design and interior options that will have you saying “Ja tack” (yes please!).

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