4 things to consider for large block living

Date Friday, 8 January 2016 12:00 AM

If wide open spaces and no neighbours nearby is your idea of heaven than acreage living might be for you. It’s also the perfect opportunity to design a lovely sprawling home that maximises space. We asked Dan Urquhart, one of our local G.J. Gardner Homes builders who specialises in large home designs, to share the top things you should consider when planning your new home:
1. Fall of the block
The number one consideration is the fall of the block. Large blocks generally have generous frontage so the design needs to take advantage of the size of the block. Normal residential designs are usually the opposite; narrow at the front but go deep on to the block. G.J. Gardner’s Estate range is specifically designed to maximise large block and acreage homes.  
2. Consider split levels
Varying falls on a block of land can often be best accommodated through a split level design rather than extensive earth works to make a main house site the same level. This design style allows the house to follow the shape of the land more naturally.
3. Take account for the aspect
The sun sets in the west so to make the most of any outdoor and main living areas the best idea is to try and position these areas facing north. Plan inhabitable rooms like the garage on the western side. Your builder should be able to help you design your home to take account of the best orientation on your property. 

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