3 ideas to set the mood for your living room

Date Thursday, 15 October 2015 12:00 AM

Building a new home, but not sure what colours to go with? 

Unlike a bedroom, which is a personal space that should be calming and relaxing, the living room is a communal space with plenty of opportunities for creativity and boldness. As the centrepiece in your home, it'll host anything from late night conversations and Sunday naps, to movie sessions and afternoon tea.

Living rooms receive the most guests, and need a wall colour you can be proud to show off. When looking at modern home designs, there are many different colours that a living room can portray well. It all comes down to the mood you want it to give.

Living rooms are often the central space in the house. Nailing down a theme or mood for this room is particularly important.Your living room will often be the central space in the house, making it a perfect canvas to show off your creativity.

1. Seeing red

Want your living room to feel striking and elegant? Red might be the colour you're after.

The consultants from Colour Affects refer to red as deeply powerful, due to its ability to quickly grab attention. It evokes emotions of warmth, excitement and passion. Red has also been noted to increase the blood pressure, heart rate and motor skills of people.

Painting your living room in a deep red can give it a sense of activity and movement - perfect for a space that will see a lot of mingling and social interaction.

The Arizona Science Center also reveals that the colour red can stir appetites, making it ideal it for a room that usually connects straight to the dining area.

2. Walking on sunshine

Perhaps you want guests to feel uplifted and joyful in your living room. Yellow is a colour that brings about imagery of the sun, and can help instill a feeling of being under its radiant warmth.

An article called Emotional Reactions to Colour by Kathy Lamancusa says yellow helps trigger creativity and confidence, which might help give your living room a touch of quirkiness, energy and cheerfulness.

However, excessive yellow in a room can be known to irritate and cause restlessness, so be sure to balance it out with some neutral tones.

3. Chilled out

If you want guests to feel calm and at peace, it's hard to do better than blue.

The colour emulates the sky and sea, and is said to lower blood pressure and slow the heart rate. If you view your living room as a place of relaxation and tranquillity, then perhaps having it painted blue could be what you need, evened out with warm or neutral hues.

Furthermore, YouGov's survey found blue to be Australia's and most of the world's most popular colour, making it hard to fault in general or when using it tastefully in home designs.

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