3 building tips from G.J. Gardner Homes professionals

Date Wednesday, 23 December 2015 12:00 AM

Did you know that we have a selection of free building tips on the G.J. Gardner Homes Australia YouTube channel? These come straight from our local friendly professionals around the country, who are always bursting with advice on how to design a home to suit your needs.

Have a look at the three videos below for some professional building tips.

Investing in a new home

One of the most important home building principles to G.J. Gardner Homes is that our customers enjoy their home building journey. Dan from G.J. Gardner Homes Tamworth agrees, and provides advice on investing in a new home in the video below.

Dan touched on a key point that all new home buyers need to consider: "You get what you pay for."

While a pre-existing property may sometimes be cheaper up front, you need to think about long-term numbers. Do all the electrics and plumbing systems work? Will it cost a lot to renovate or maintain? What is the history of the house? These are some of the reasons why building your own home is an appealing option, as it lets you customise a home to suit your needs and eliminates a range of potential risks.

Designing a great kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home, and with advice from a friendly home builder like Gerry from G.J. Gardner Homes Esperance, you'll have great tips to start designing this all-important space.

Safety will be one of your primary concerns in the kitchen, so an induction cooktop could be a wise option. This isn't just for style, Fisher & Paykel states that induction heating means your cooktop is less at risk of burning someone. Induction works through electromagnetic vibrations, heating the pan directly rather than heating an element which then applies heat to the pan. This means the surface itself only heats up because the pan warms. If no pan is on the ring, there is no heat.

The modern bathroom

Susan from G.J. Gardner Homes Coffs Harbour has tips to share creating a suitable modern bathroom.

Dual showerheads with a rail are a great feature in any new home. As Susan describes, these are handy if you share a shower with someone of a different height, as you can enjoy the tall rain head shower if you want, or lower the secondary head to avoid wetting your hair. Also of note, dual showerheads can be sensible for the future. Should you need to sit down while showering, you'll still have safe and accessible options within reach.

To chat with these professionals in person, or any other one of our home builders, contact your local G.J. Gardner Homes office.

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