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Darren Palmer’s Top 4 Home Storage Tips

When I design interiors for my clients, I find that storage is a major factor for 95 per cent of new home builders and renovators. The key to clever storage is to make it relevant to you and your l…

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Darren Palmer

Darren Palmer Talks Comfort vs Luxury – Are They Mutually Exclusive When Designing A Home?

Comfort vs luxury – it’s the age old conundrum – and I find that many people get stuck on achieving an unrealistic level of luxury when designing a new home or renovating an existing one. The key i…

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How To Make Paint Colour Work For You

Choosing paint colours and how to use those colours in interiors can be a daunting task for home owners. Often people will go one of two ways – either the process of choosing paint colours becomes…

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Split level

What Is A Split Level Home?

You may have heard that sloping blocks are difficult to build on, take more time, and cost more money. While sloping blocks can throw up extra challenges, don’t let that deter you. With a…

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Buying a first home vs investment property

Buying a first home vs investment property

If you’ve been busy saving for a deposit, you might be wondering about the pros and cons of buying a first home vs an investment property. While owning your own home has long been considered…

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Lounge room

The Devil is in the Detail

The details are not the details. They make the design.

This is one of my favourite design quotes - from Charles Eames, the American designer who along with wife Ray, is considered am…

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Parkview 286 dining room

Introduction to the campaign and styles

I’m super excited to be partnering with G.J. Gardner Homes to deliver Tailored – Inspired Home Collections – a range of six exclus…

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Window furnishings

Window Furnishing Ideas to Improve Your Home

Your dream home is taking shape and it’s time for the finishing touches – but you need some window furnishings ideas. No matter which design style you’ve embraced, you can find window furnis…