Lounge room

The Devil is in the Detail

The details are not the details. They make the design.

This is one of my favourite design quotes - from Charles Eames, the American designer who along with wife Ray, is considered am…

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Parkview 286 dining room

Introduction to the campaign and styles

I’m super excited to be partnering with G.J. Gardner Homes to deliver Tailored – Inspired Home Collections – a range of six exclus…

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Window furnishings

Window Furnishing Ideas to Improve Your Home

Your dream home is taking shape and it’s time for the finishing touches – but you need some window furnishings ideas. No matter which design style you’ve embraced, you can find window furnis…

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home exterior

Add a Touch of Charm: Home Exterior Stone Design Ideas

If you’d like your facade to evoke a feeling of warmth, elegance, and contemporary charm, it’s worth taking a look at home exterior stone design ideas. Stone is an incredibly versatile and p…

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Battery power is the future

The Bloomberg New Energy Outlook 2018 has predicted that Australia’s power system is on track to become one of the two most decentralised in the world, with PV (solar photovoltaics) and be…

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Know the Soil you Build on

With any new home design, GJ Gardner Homes arranges a number of inspections of the proposed building block. The most important being the geotechnical testing of the site, commonly known as a soil test…

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Embrace Your Inner Designer

Of all the elements of design, colour is the most powerful and personal. Colours are, by nature, an extension of your personality. Bold. Cool. Warm. Subtle. An expression of one’s self. Sub…

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Making The Most of a Narrow Block

With the right design, a narrow block is a no-worries proposition. But, how do you make the most of the space you’ve got? At G.J. Gardner Homes, we offer a range of narrow block house de…

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Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Investment Property

Buying your first investment property can be daunting. In contrast to buying your first home, buying an investment property requires greater research and objectivity. Put simply, buying an investment…

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The Benefits of Designing Your Own House Plans

The chance to build a new home that’s completely suited to your taste and lifestyle is a tempting opportunity. This post explores the benefits of designing your own house plans,…

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Features to Consider When Building a New Home

Creating your dream home means choices, options, and sometimes – confusion! This handy guide gets you started on what features to consider when building a new home. You’ll be one step ahea…

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Tips for Building a House on a Budget

Looking to build your dream home on a fixed budget? Not sure where to save money during the building process? In this post, we pro…

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Achieve the Scandi Design Look for Your New Home

Scandinavian house design takes more than a trip to your local IKEA. If you’re set on Scandi style for your new home, read on for ideas on everything from architecture to artwor…

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Sustainable House Designs: How to Go Green With Your New Home

Seeking to reduce your carbon footprint and conserve energy? Like the thought of saving money over time? Let’s face it, gre…

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The Knockdown Rebuild Process: What to Expect

There are many reasons for choosing a knockdown-rebuild over a major home renovation. In many cases, it’s simply cheaper and easier to choose a knockdown-rebuild – particularly if your hom…

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The Costs of Buying a House For First Home Buyers

Do anything for the first time, and there’s a lot to learn. For a first time buyer, it’s the costs of buying a house that can get your head spinning. That’s why we’ve created t…

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Comparing Home Builders - 5 Questions to Ask Before Signing Anything

Building a new home is a major financial and logistical undertaking. Therefore, it’s important to choose the right builder.

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The Costs Involved For Building a House on Your Own Land

Have a block of land already? Ready to start designing and building your dream home? Then read on! In this post, we outline the overall cost to build a house on your own land. First…