• It's time to build - how long will it take?


    The house design is complete, contracts signed and finances sorted so now the real fun begins – the build! This part of the construction process is where everything comes together and the true experience and talent of your chosen builder comes to shine. Every builder is different but on…

  • Choosing a dining table for your home


    In todays’ open plan living the dining table is often a central feature; the connector between the kitchen and living areas. A central place where the kids can do their homework, games can be played and meals can be enjoyed So it’s important to get the table right not only to suit the…

  • G.J. Advisor - Stage 4; Financing and Loans


    Building a home is one of the biggest financial commitments you will ever make. While people start the process at varying stages, it certainly makes it easier to plan and design your home if you have some idea about your borrowing capacity. Many times people are disappointed because they…

  • The right light is all in the aspect


    Positioning your home to take advantage of the best natural light is all about getting the aspect right. As a rule of thumb, having the key living and outdoor areas facing north will give you the best use of the sun, all day no matter the season. Open plan living is basically a standard in…

  • 4 things to consider for large block living


    If wide open spaces and no neighbours nearby is your idea of heaven than acreage living might be for you. It’s also the perfect opportunity to design a lovely sprawling home that maximises space. We asked Dan Urquhart, one of our local G.J. Gardner Homes builders who specialises in large home…

  • Fixed price quoting best for the budget


    We asked one of our franchisees Micah Middelbosch to give us the low down on the benefits of fixed price quotes. Fixed price quotes are ideal for customers as the final price is what they pay at the end. There are no hidden extras. Quotes are based on actual costs rather than provisions…

  • Taking the plunge with your own pool


    With our glorious sunny weather, it’s only natural that, when designing and building a new home, the word ‘pool’ enters the conversation at one point or another. The thought of relaxing around your own private lagoon on a hot summer’s day is enticing, however before you take…

  • It's all in the timing


    Building a new home is an exciting process but how long should it take? We asked Peter Leotta from G.J. Gardner Homes what someone could expect. “Depending on the design chosen, the average build time for a G.J. Gardner home is six to nine months, and that’s just for the actual build,”…

  • Stamp of Approval


    Peace of mind is more precious than gold when it comes to building a new home for the first time. And peace of mind is exactly what you’ll get when your G.J. Gardner Homes builder takes charge of the mountains of paperwork involved in starting a new build. From the Council development application…

  • Creative Storage


    Four creative storage ideas for the children’s room. For something a little different, why not try these clever solutions to keep the kids clutter in check. 1. Spice racks for book storage. Timber spice racks are a perfect alternative to a traditional bookshelf. They display…

  • 3 bedroom colours that will help you get some shut eye


    When it comes to building a home, bedrooms play an important role in decision making. After all, it's the place where you end and begin each day. You should never concern yourself with colour trends, which change with the times. Rather, keep in mind that every colour has psychological…

  • 4 ways to put more space into your home


    When it comes to homes, everyone wants theirs to feel sizable and impressive. Of course, designing your own home from the ground up will help make it as spacious and dynamic as you dream it to be. There are also simple home design ideas and tricks that can make it feel like you've added…

  • House moving tips to avoid last-minute panic


    From choosing a removal company to packing boxes and frantically updating your mailing address with various service providers, there's so much to keep track of that it's little wonder that many homeowners rate it as one of life's most stressful events. However, this hasn't…

  • Am I eligible for a first home owners grant?


    With property prices on the rise across much of Australia, it's more important than ever to have a good understanding of the financial assistance you may be eligible to receive when building a new home. One example of such aid is the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG). Introduced in July…

  • By far and away, its The Mandalay!


    Boasting advanced designs features you’d usually expect to see in architectural magazines, The Mandalay from G.J. Gardner Homes offers elegance in design while still retaining a feel of ‘home.’ Designer Peter Mannion said the Mandalay was created with Australia’s alfresco,…

  • Everything including the kitchen sink


    Gone are the days when kitchens were relegated to the back of the family home; hidden away as rooms for function, never for show. Now days the kitchen is the central hub of every home; the axis around which the rest of the house pivots.

    A beautiful, well-designed…

  • Try Before You Buy with a G.J. Gardner Design Studio


    Considering the serious financial investment at stake, we always test drive a new car before buying - but have you ever test driven a new home?

    The dollars involved in a new home are significantly greater than a vehicle, so why do we leave the fit-out of our new home to good luck and…

  • Its all about planning


    Are you looking at building a new home? Avoid dream home disaster. A new research indicates poor planning was a big issue leading to budget and build time overruns for Australians tackling new home projects. THE FACTS: In our latest “Building My Home” study, more than…

  • Planning for the future is key.


    Are you looking at building a new home? Avoid dream home disaster. A new research indicates poor planning was a big issue leading to budget and build time overruns for Australians tackling new home projects. THE FACTS: In our latest “Building My Home”…

  • Knock 'em Down Then Build 'em Up!


    Demolishing an existing home and rebuilding can seem like a daunting and expensive prospect but with the right builder it doesn’t have to be, according to Steve Condlisse from G.J. Gardner Homes. “A good builder will work with you and build the demolition into their Scope of Work, so the…

  • Homes that work by design


    Even as a young carpenter starting out in the building trade in the early 1980s, Peter Mannion from Synergy Designs was fascinated by good design. “I remember being frustrated at what I could see were obvious design flaws in the buildings I was working on,” Peter said. “I kept thinking,…

  • Falling in love with the Coolum


    “I think the whole country has fallen in love with The Coolum,” is the quietly confident declaration made by world-leading designer, Peter Mannion. “The Coolum is a great example of a home design where every square metre works,” Peter explains. “There’s no wasted…

  • Display homes the best for building inspiration


    You want to build a new home but where is the best place to source ideas for your dream home? Magazines, friends, online? The answer may surprise you….display homes. Display homes were voted the number one source of inspiration for new home builders, according to our recent survey…

  • First Impressions Count


    We all know that first impressions count. That’s why we take special care with our appearance when going to a job interview and why we smile and nod just that little bit more when meeting someone for the first time. First impressions also count when it comes to your home. The home you live…

  • What the Internet of Things can do for your new home


    From initial floor plans to the finishing touches with carefully selected paint palettes, designing your own home gives you the unrivalled opportunity to exercise total control over your future living space. These days, leveraging the right technology not only empowers you to add convenience and capability…

  • Fibre optic vs. cable: Which is right for your new home?


    We live in a digital world. That's why, as you design and build your new home, you'll want to think about your options for your telephone and internet. Beyond simply choosing internet service providers (ISPs) and connectivity packages, you may have the opportunity to choose between fibre optic…

  • Display homes to inspire your house-building dreams


    With big decisions like building your own home, you certainly want to 'try before you buy' as much as possible. It might not seem plausible to get that much of a preview when you're considering the process. After all, looking at blueprints, floor plans and mockups hardly give you the…

  • 3 tips for selecting the right colour palette for your home


    Have you ever walked into a home that intuitively felt warm and welcoming? Conversely, have you entered a house and instantly experienced the desire to flee?

    Chances are, you've encountered both these moments at some stage in your life. Without consciously knowing why, some homes…

  • How Australia's growing population is impacting the real estate market


    Over the last few years, it's been impossible not to notice the rising house prices across Australia. While the extended growth spurt appears to be slowing in regions such as Perth and Darwin, the same cannot be said of Sydney. Residential property prices in the capital city have continued to…

  • 7 building contract acronyms you should be familiar with


    The world of construction is filled with so many industry-specific terms that reading a contract can be like trying to decipher a secret code. While G.J. Gardner helps you take care of all the paperwork, you'll probably still want to have a solid understanding of what you're agreeing to before…

  • How to select the right window glazing for your new home


    Lighting is perhaps the most important factor to consider when creating a welcoming ambience. While lamps and fixtures play a significant role in any good home design, you should also keep natural lighting in mind. Well-placed windows not only bring the sunshine into your home and flood the rooms…

  • Does your kitchen utilise these 3 design features?


    Home design has come a long way in the last decade or so, but one thing remains constant: The kitchen is still very much the heart of the home. Display homes are an excellent source of inspiration and allow you to get a feel for a variety of styles. Whether you're going for a modern or…

  • Certainty makes all the difference



    There’s no doubt that building a new home is a massive commitment. It’s likely to be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. So it’s important to work with a builder you trust – someone who understands…

  • Winter Warmers



    Now that the mercury is dropping you’re probably spending a lot more time indoors. Which is great, as long as your home’s interior decor isn’t colder than the Snowy Mountains in July. If you’re currently designing your new home,…

  • Heat it up



    Winter in Australia means two things – complaining incessantly about the weather and being terrified of your electricity bill. We can’t do much about the first one, but we can share a few tips that will help reduce the weather’s impact on…

  • Tidy Town



    Storage is one of the most overlooked elements of home design. Sleek, contemporary display homes are great for inspiration, but it’s easy to forget no one actually lives in these pristine properties – or tries to keep them tidy with a young family…

  • The Heart of the Home


    The Heart of the Home

    As any family knows, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. A well-designed kitchen is at the heart of family life: it’s the place where we cook and entertain, share meals and stories, and unwind after a long day. As a…

  • Freedom to Choose


    Freedom to Choose

    If you’ve walked through a few display homes recently, you might have left feeling a little confused. You’re an individual with your own preferences and tastes, so it’s natural to like different elements from each home – the…

  • Outdoor Comfort


    Outdoor Comfort

    A little attention to detail goes a long way – both indoors and out. Here are a few clever builders’ tips for making the most of your outdoor area.

    Make a splash
    Outdoor kitchens are perfect for warmer climates…

  • Design Time


    Design Time

    When you are building a new home it can be difficult to know where to begin. Here are a few tips to help you kickstart the design process.

    The first step is to settle on a location for your new home. It may sound simple, but things like lot size,…

  • G.J. Gardner Homes gives back to Variety


    G.J. Gardner Homes gives back to Variety

    If you’re looking to buy a brand-new home in the Tamworth region, an auction at Longyard Estate in July could make your dreams come true. And the great news is it will also raise much-needed funds for some of Australia’s…

  • Easy Additions


    Easy additions

    There are a few easy ways to make your brand-new dream home stand out from the crowd. Here are our top five inclusions for adding value when designing your home.

    Timber floors
    Timber floors are durable, hygienic and…

  • Relax at home in the Stillwater 285


    Relax at home in the Stillwater 285

    Searching for a contemporary home design that will make the most of your estate or small acreage block? The G.J. Gardner Homes Element Estate Series features a range of homes designed to maximise indoor/outdoor living and help you…

  • Lending Hand


    Lending hand.

    Buying a home usually means arranging finance. The choices are many when it comes to Mortgage providers and the types of products they offer. With this in mind, where do you go to ensure that the loan you end up with is the best for you? You can go to your…

  • Harness the power of nature in your new home


    Harness the power of nature in your new home

    One of the easiest ways to add value to your new home is to harness the power of nature. Designing your home to maximise natural light and breezes will give it a relaxed, welcoming feel, along with that lovely sunny glow you…

  • You are my sunshine…


    You are my sunshine…

    Over the past decade residential solar power has taken off in Australia, thanks to high feed-in tariffs and comparatively low installation costs. As a result, one in five Australian households now use solar power for its electricity or hot…

  • Add value to your home with a butler’s pantry


    Add value to your home with a butler’s pantry

    Nothing takes the shine off a dinner party quite like piles of dirty dishes in the sink. If you entertain regularly, you’ll know that open-plan living spaces make it easy to prepare food and serve guests from…

  • The Fernbank range – meet your new home


    The Fernbank range – meet your new home

  • Out With The Old Home, In With The New



    Real estate agents love to tell you that location is everything – and often they’re right. Location is a huge consideration for most homebuyers and can be crucial in determining your home’s value;…

  • Holiday at Home in Luxury



    Looking to bring a touch of the exotic into your everyday life? Look no further than the new Element MANDALAY design by G.J. Gardner Homes.

    This beautiful family home is influenced by traditional pavilion-style architecture, with…

  • Get In First



    Signing the contract on your first home is one of the most exciting times in your life. But before you reach this milestone, there are a few important things to consider. One of the biggest decisions you will need to make is whether to buy an…

  • Recovering US property market firms up growth plans for Australian homebuilder


    Having established G.J. Gardner Homes as a leading homebuilder in Australia and New Zealand with more than 82 franchisees, the company has a bold expansion plan for the US, which is being underpinned by an improving housing market. G.J. Gardner Homes opened their first US franchise…

  • Attracting the right franchisees in the homebuilding industry


    No matter the industry, all franchise systems face challenges and demands that are unique to their trade. Finding suitable franchisees is a challenge for franchisors across the globe. Hard to believe, given the perks and benefits of joining an established franchise system. For…

  • Thinking about investing in the US? You’d better do your research.


    While there has been an increase in the number of opinion pieces in the media and online claiming significant financial benefits for Australians who invest in the US property market, I’m afraid I have to disagree. As the CEO of an Australian homebuilding company operating in…

  • Your Mortgage


    If you’ve been looking into building a new home through a homebuilding company you would have noticed a large number of companies offering discounts, added extras and sometimes outrageous incentives to entice investors to purchase a home. I have come across some fairly enticing…

  • Homebuilding company makes BRW’s top 25 franchises


    G.J. Gardner has been ranked 22nd on BRW’s Fast Franchises 2013 list—the only homebuilding or construction company to be listed in the top 25. The ranking was a pleasant surprise for G.J. Gardner Homes CEO, Darren Wallis, acknowledging the tough competition and rapid…

  • Mooloolaba homebuilder goes homeless for the night


    CEO of international homebuilding company G.J. Gardner Homes, Darren Wallis, builds dream homes for a living, but on Thursday night (June 20), he’ll spend the night homeless on the streets of Brisbane. The St Vincent de Paul Society CEO Sleepout is a national event that…

  • Build, don’t buy; an industry expert’s top tips for first homebuyers in 2013


    Would-be first homebuyers should be thinking seriously about building their home instead of buying in 2013, a leading international homebuilder has said. Darren Wallis, CEO of homebuilding company, G.J. Gardner Homes, said a combination of record low interest rates and financial…

  • Build, don’t buy; an industry expert’s top tips for first homebuyers in 2013


    Would-be first homebuyers should be thinking seriously about building their home instead of buying in 2013, a leading international homebuilder has said. Darren Wallis, CEO of homebuilding company, G.J. Gardner Homes, said a combination of record low interest rates and…

  • The homebuilder from ‘down under’ takes US market by storm


    In 2005, CEO of G.J. Gardner Homes, Darren Wallis, packed his suitcase and left Australia with a plan to expand his successful homebuilding company into the United States. With no contacts, map and limited knowledge of the United States property market, Wallis said it was…

  • Darren Wallis: front-runner for Construction Executive of the Year


    CEO of G.J. Gardner Homes, Darren Wallis, has been announced as a finalist for The CEO Magazine’s Construction Executive of the Year Award. The ‘2012 Executive of the Year Awards’, to be staged in Sydney on 29 November 2012, is one of Australia’s most prestigious…



    Australia’s most successful franchised residential home builder, G.J. Gardner Homes, is amongst the nation’s top 10 largest new home builders for the first time in 2011/12, according to the latest HIACOLORBOND® steel Housing 100 Report. The HIA report, which ranks…

  • GJ Gardner Homes Fraser Coast wins Display Home Award


    At tonight’s HIA-CSR Sunshine Coast/Wide Bay Housing Awards GJ Gardner Homes Fraser Coast took out the Display Home $300,001-$500,000 Award for their "Silkwood 264" display home in Pialba.

  • G.J. Gardner Homes Gympie Winner 2012 Master Builders Best Display Home Award Sunshine Coast


    Gympie Award.jpg

    New home buyers the ultimate winners with G.J. Gardner Homes Gympie taking out the 2012 Master Builders Best Display Home…

  • Downsizing doesn’t mean compromising home design or lifestyle with G.J Gardner


    To meet the needs of their clients, G.J. Gardner Homes are increasingly building smarter family homes, especially in metropolitan areas. These home owners usually consist of young families who want to live close to good schools, parks and nice restaurants but not too far from the city.…

  • House and land package a worthwhile investment


    When looking at investment properties, most buyers assume that an established house or apartment offer the cheapest and easiest option. On closer analysis however, when the hidden costs of extras are added in and the risks associated with older properties are factored in, the picture changes for…

  • Visiting a display home a great way to experience a G.J. Gardner home


    What better way to find out what a new G.J. Gardner home is like, than to actually stand inside one? The best way to fully appreciate the quality, finish and ambience of a G.J. Gardner home is to visit one of our exceptional display homes. You can stroll through at your own pace…

  • Standard inclusions a top quality starting point when building with G.J. Gardner


    When building a new home, it’s important that new home builders not only compare their home builder’s level of service, experience and costs but to also study the list of inclusions offered. Comparing inclusions offered by at least three builders is one of the best ways to…

  • Big builder value with small builder service


    At G.J. Gardner, communication is of utmost importance. That is why, when deciding to build a new home, choosing us for your project means you have a unique five-star performance guarantee. This involves customers being invited on site at the completion of the five major stages of construction…

  • New home floor plans for space and flexibility


    When your dream of building a new home starts to take shape, it’s usually the floor plan that is scribbled onto a piece of paper first. Those small boxes will end up being a place where you will need all the space and flexibility to accommodate your life as it evolves. Gone…

  • A house’s façade is an impression that lasts


    Whether it’s a sprawling family home or an entertainer’s beachside retreat, the façade of the home is the essence of a property. It tells a story of what lies behind the front door and it adds not only street appeal but immeasurable value to the resale of the home.


  • Buying a new block of land before building your new home?


    Sometimes new home buyers purchase a block of land to hold onto for a period of time before they construct their new home. When doing this, it’s very important to remember the type of home you think you will want to build before you buy the land. Then, you have to remember…

  • Is your new home builder the complete package?


    Planning and construction of a new home design takes a lot of planning and patience. To the uninitiated, it can be a daunting process. You have to ensure your new home builder is experienced, committed to quality and will deliver in full, on time and within budget.

    As a new home builder,…

  • New home design for the way you think and live


    To create a new home design to suit way you think, live and change, can be a daunting prospect. Here at GJ Gardner we know you want your new home to be compatible with your family’s growing needs and the environment but you also want a statement of style, structure and presence. Just…

  • Rising trend in smaller, smarter homes


    G.J. Gardner Homes, Australia’s largest, franchised homebuilder*, has seen a significant rise in consumer demand for more compact homes, driven by a trend to subdivide and a desire to live closer to the city.


  • GJ Gardner Homes has great success at Herald Sun Home Show


    Please watch video Click Here

  • Free Knock Down Rebuild Seminar Explains the Process in Simple Terms


    Northern Beaches based home builder, G.J. Gardner Homes, will hold one of its popular knock down rebuild seminars at its Brookvale premises on Thursday 28 July at 6pm.According to managing director, Horst Lueckl, the knock down rebuild seminars are designed to explain the process, from start to…

  • Perfectly Aligned


    When Melissa and Horst stumbled upon a renovator’sdelight, luck was on their side in more ways than one

  • Townsville Turns Ten!!!


    This month ten years ago, Graham & Jean Ruddell opened the door to their GJ Gardner Homes office in Townsville. A builder in the Burdekin region for 20 years, Graham decided to make the move to the big smoke of Townsville relocating his family…

  • Two new additions to the Skyward Range


    G.J. Gardner Homes Victoria & Tasmania are proud to announce the arrival of some funky new designs;

    Firstly, Two new additions to our famous Skyward Range! Introducing The Aquila, and The Dorado -Two Storey.



    G.J. Gardner Homes Queensland has launched an exciting new range of ‘Express Series’ homes for fast, great value home building.

  • CONGRATULATIONS CARLEE….you are now a world record holder!


    Carlee Beattie & Murray Kahler

    G.J. Gardner…

  • Woody Brook Joint Venture Home @ Belmont North


    The team at G.J. Gardner Homes Newcastle has put their money where their mouth is by pitching in their money and expertise to build a house in Belmont North.

    Headed by John Nikolovski and Jamie Arratoon, the building company has established a staff housing project spear headed by new…

  • Weekender Article - Builder in awards hat-trick


    G.J. Gardner Homes CEO Darren Wallis says the company’s awards haul is recognition of its industry leadership. By Jodie Grinsted GOOD things come in threes – just…

  • And the winner of Innovation, Enterprise AND Service Excellence Australian Business Awards is...


    And the winner of Innovation, Enterprise AND Service Excellence is G.J Gardner Homes

    Last week G.J Gardner Homes proved good things can come in threes, winning an overwhelming number of categories in the 2010 Australian Business Awards for Innovation, Enterprise…

  • G.J. GARDNER HOMES PUTS SPRING IN CARLEE’S STEP –Builder Supports Warwick Paralympian’s Sporting Quest


    Media Release

    G.J. GARDNER HOMES PUTS SPRING IN CARLEE’S STEP – Builder Supports Warwick Paralympian’s Sporting Quest

    Queensland home builder G.J. Gardner Homes has put the international sporting dreams of Warwick Paralympian…

  • G.J. Gardner Homes Wins the 2009 HIA CSR Victorian Marketing Award for Telling the Truth!


    The HIA would like to congratulate GJ Gardner Homes for winning the prestigious HIA CSR Victorian Marketing Award.

    The awards held on November 6 at Crown's Palladium Ballroom, recognize excellence in housing.
    The awards were announced before a crowd of 800 industry leaders…

  • Moving on up in HIA Rankings!


    G.J. GARDNER HOMES have joined the elite group of one of the top ten NSW detached house builders.

    When spoken to today, Jayne Moran of G.J. Gardner Homes said “We have been increasing our market share over recent years by providing quality homes at most competitive prices while…

  • G.J. Gardner Homes Moves Up in Top 200!


    G.J. Gardner Homes has moved up seven places in the top 200 franchises around the globe, according to a report released this month.

    The report, released by Franchise Times magazine, details the top grossing 200 international franchises. See the report here for more details -

  • G.J. Gardner Homes in HIA Top Ten!


    Last week the HIA (Housing Industry of Australia) released the top 100 builders in Australia for 2008/2009.

    G.J. Gardner Homes celebrated their first ever entry into the top 10 builders.

    G.J. Gardner Homes was listed at number nine on the list of builders in the whole of Australia…

  • Food and wine – a big part of G.J. Gardner Home & Leisure Show 2008


    Food and wine will play a big part in this year’s G.J. Gardner Home & Leisure Show in Tamworth with the incorporation again of the New England North West Food & Wine Fair.

  • G.J. Gardner Home & Leisure Show introduces innovations "changing the way we live"


    The G.J. Gardner Home & Leisure Show coming up in Tamworth on October 18th and 19th is all about enjoying our ultimate lifestyle, according to organisers, "and this year, the show will introduce innovations aimed at changing the way we live".

  • G J Gardner Homes to sponsor 23rd anniversary Home & Leisure Show


    Twenty three years after the first Tamworth Home & Leisure Show, held in 1985, the event is being relaunched with a new sponsor.

    Dianna Lockwood, Sales Manager of Rural Press Events, which stages the Show, has welcomed G J Gardner Homes as…

  • G.J. Gardner Homes ranks in Top 200 Franchises!


    G.J. Gardner Homes ranks in Top 200 Franchises

    G.J. Gardner Homes has been ranked as one of the top two hundred franchised companies…

  • Display Home award to G.J. Gardner Homes!


    G.J. Gardner Homes Tweed Heads has taken out the award for their stunning display home "The Sanctuary", at Salt Village, Kingscliffe.

    The Award was passed to Debbie Stoffels and Chris Meekin at the the Master Builders Excellence in Regional Building Awards on Saturday…

  • G.J. Gardner Homes Expands Into Albury


    It is with great excitement that I announce thatPeter Hudechasopened G.J Gardner Home’s newest office in Albury.

    Peterhas a wealth of building experience on the border and has followed in the foot steps of his father who was also a builder in the region.


  • Don't Just Build a Home - Build an Orphanage as Well!


    Australian Builders to Construct New Kenyan Orphanage

  • G.J. Gardner Homes Taree Lends a Helping Hand


    Recently, Mike Kucinskis and the rest of the team at G.J. Gardner Homes Taree pulled together a miracle for a local Taree family who had been dealt a lot of hard blows throughout their life with illness and injury.

    By working his suppliers, Mick was able to build the family a home with…

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