New home floor plans for space and flexibility


New home floor plans for space and flexibility


When your dream of building a new home starts to take shape, it’s usually the floor plan that is scribbled onto a piece of paper first. Those small boxes will end up being a place where you will need all the space and flexibility to accommodate your life as it evolves.
Gone are the days when dedicated living and dining rooms were an integral part of new home design. Instead, today’s home owners want open-plan spaces that can multi-task along with the family’s growing (or shrinking) needs. 
Rather than separating rooms with brick and mortar, sliding doors and a variety of trendy movable partitions create privacy between rooms, letting the home inhale and exhale as much or as little as its occupants need. 
Australians love floor plans that embrace the outdoors and today’s exterior floor plans are much more than a deck or patio. Many include outdoor barbeque kitchens or dedicated spaces to unwind with daybeds and spas.  Eco-friendly homes’ floor plans are never seen without the addition of large sliding doors and/or louvres inviting the outside, in.
G.J. Gardner has multiple floor plans and new homes designs available for you to look at and many of them make a great starting point when you start drawing your floor plans. 
Simply follow the links on the site or contact any of our offices for more information about how exactly to navigate your way around our floor plans. 
In the meantime, here are three helpful tips when designing your floor plan:
  1. Home office: If you are planning on working from home, spend a bit more time on the plans for this area. Plan where your computer/work station will be so that you avoid things like glare from an opposite window, or sitting with your back to the door.
  2. Walk-in closet: Consider sacrificing some space in the main bedroom to allow for a walk-in closet. It’s a great way to keep piles of clothes off the floor thus keeping it clutter-free.
  3. Closet space: It’s a good idea to build closets along the walls of high-activity areas as it will reduce noise.  
Don’t forget, a large percentage of G.J Gardner’s homes are custom-built from our customer’s designs, so feel free to contact your nearest office to discuss your new home’s floor plans today. 


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