• G.J. Gardner Homes launches three more ways to discover and explore their award-winning home designs


    Australia’s best rated national home builder, G.J. Gardner Homes, has moved in to the world of immersive virtual content by officially launching 3D experiences of some of their award-winning home designs. Utilising…

  • Winner of Australia's Best National Home Builder As Voted By You!


    G.J. Gardner Homes awarded #1 Major Builder by You!

    G.J. Gardner Homes has been recognised as Australia’s #1 home builder by in their 2016 ProductReview Awards winning the category of Best National Major Home Builder.

    The ProductReview…

  • G.J. Gardner Homes raise over $100,000 for Movember!


    G.J. Gardner Homes are celebrating this week as their Mo growing efforts of the last month helped them raise over $100,000 for the Movember Foundation and men’s health.

    With Movember now over, staff from G.J Gardner Homes will finish 2016 clean shaven but with the knowledge that…

  • The Great Debate - Bath or Shower?


    There is an argument that has been raging for decades in Australia: Is it better to have a bath or a shower? For years, it appeared that there was a deadlock between the bubbled bathers and the simmering showerers, with neither side willing to give way in the great hygiene debate.


  • How does tax depreciation work with a new home?


    It might not be the most exciting pair of words, but tax depreciation can be a real financial boon to anyone who builds or buys a new property. Interested? Here's how it can work for you:


  • Local experts now in Onkaparinga!


    Onkaparinga in South Australia is a rapidly growing place. New homes with new designs are springing up everywhere - so what better place is there to open a fresh G.J. Gardner Homes franchise?…

  • Brace yourself, the mega mo's (and a lot of small ones) are coming!


    Movember is back and hairier than ever with Mo Bros and Mo Sistas worldwide joining the Movember Foundation’s movement for men’s health, pledging to champion the Mo in 2016 to stop men dying too young.

    Hairiness aside, the money raised will be used to fund social and health…

  • 2016 FCA Excellence in International Franchising


    G.J. Gardner Homes takes out TOP Gong

    It’s grown from humble beginnings in Queensland, Australia in 1983 and now building company G.J. Gardner Homes has been recognised for its international footprint, having taken out a prestigious national award at…

  • Building together - The G.J. Gardner Homes Community


    Here at G.J. Gardner Homes, we like to see new homes popping up in our local areas. We like it even more if those local areas are tight-knit communities where everyone helps each other out. That's…

  • First-Home buyers grants - what you need to know.


    When you're building your first home, we understand what you have to go through. It can be a stressful experience, coming up with enough money for a deposit, choosing what home design you want,…

  • Building a tech-free zone in your home.


    Being connected to a smart device is almost a way of life. With around 15 million smartphones in Australia, according to the

  • How to hit your interior design for 6!


    How much do you love seeing Mitchell Starc clean bowl a New Zealand batsman? What about when Caitlin Thwaites and Caitlin Bassett team up to dominate the England netball team? Here at G.J. Gardner Homes, we understand that many Australians love their sport. That's why we've put together…

  • Is Your Garden Letting The Rest Of Your Home Down


    Want to make sure your garden is always matching the beautiful aesthetic of your home? These simple tips will help to make it a breeze.


    Once you've gone through all the work of

  • How Can Smart Technology Up Your Level Of Comfort


    Do you remember the days when you'd sit down and wait for your favourite futuristic family to come on television? The Jetsons clan was always decked out in the coolest devices that did whatever they wanted at the flick of a switch or tap of a button. As they whizzed around in their flying car,…

  • What A Knock Down And Rebuild Means For You


    When you knock down and rebuild your home with G.J. Gardner Homes, you don't have to move out. You don't even have to change neighbourhoods. You're currently…

  • Style Ideas Straight Out Of Rio


    The Rio 2016 Olympics have started with a splash, and the Australian athletes are competing their hearts out. What's even better is that this sporting event goes for most of August, and in that time, you might be inspired to redecorate your home in the host nation's style.


  • Your Trusted Local


    The life of a franchise owner under the G.J. Gardner Homes name has a whole heap of benefits. You get to run your own business, keep in touch with everything going on in the community and be up to speed with your valued local customers.

    We recently sat down with Ashley and Sally Heard,…

  • How will you decorate your new home?


    Moving into a brand-new home design is something unique. It's usually the first time you've seen the finished product in it's entirety, and because of that, there's a lot…

  • Why should you be building a brand-new home?


    Deciding to build your own home can be daunting to some people, but it's a brilliant opportunity to stamp your own style and emotion into the actual foundations of your home over the next…

  • What are your next steps if you don't want to move house?


    How long have you been living in your home? According to Roy Morgan Research, almost 60 per cent of Australians have been living at their current address for over five years. If…

  • Why might downsizing help your lifestyle?


    When the kids have moved out, or even just your flatmates, and you're left with a lot of room in your existing home, it can feel very lonely. There's all of this extra space that you haven't experienced before, and it just makes everything about your place seem too big.


  • What financing options are available to you?


    When you decide to design your own home with G.J. Gardner Homes, making sure your finances are in order will help to keep all of your stresses at bay.

    There are so many options on the…

  • Where can you fit some funky DIY around your home?


    When you design your own home, there's plenty of room for you to make a special and unique mark on the space. Nobody will have lived in it before, so when you move in, every aspect will be…

  • How can you turn your home in to a modern paradise?


    Designing your own home is a fabulous process where you're able to incorporate all of your desires for where you want to live into the very foundations of the building. Some people enjoy the old-fashioned appeal of a rustic interior design, while other prefer a more contemporary and clean,…

  • Home building with a difference


    Here at G.J. Gardner Homes, we've got our clients' best interests at heart. We feel it's important for you to be secure in knowing that the most important investment of your life is in good hands.

    Every step of the way, our team will be making sure you know exactly what to…

  • Knocking down & Rebuilding - what should you know?


    When you buy a home, there's always something about it that draws you in. It could be the size of the bedrooms, a fabulous pool out the back or even the land metreage.

    However, more and more Australians have been buying for a different reason - to knock down and rebuild.


  • Why is the cash rate great news for buyers?


    The official cash rate was cut on May 3, after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) decided that the reduction would ease pressures on the national economy.

    What a lowered cash rate means is that lenders…

  • Kitchen Organisation Hacks


    The kitchen is a room in the house that we spend a significant amount of time in everyday. Australians love their food and drink, so having the jazziest kitchen around is something we all strive for.

    So, making sure you have an organised kitchen is important for a number of reasons.…

  • How popular is building your own home?


    There are a number of ways that people personalise their properties - landscaping, decorating the exterior and interior or even naming the property are ways you can put your own personal stamp on it.

    For you, designing your own home might be the only way to really feel like there is…

  • Cabinet trends to consider


    When it comes to designing your own home, one of the most exciting parts of the process is deciding how you want your kitchen to look. Many consider it as the most important room and a central…

  • 5 kitchen ideas you need for your new home


    For many households, the kitchen remains the most important room in the home. This isn't too surprising - after all, when it comes to hours spent cooking per week, Australia makes the top 10,according to figures collated by

  • What are implied warranties?


    Building a new home is an exciting time! After all, you aren't just making an incredibly valuable step up on the property ladder -you are building your

  • Let there be light in your new home


    If you get the chance to design your own home, one thing you might desire is for it to it feelspacious, bright and airy.Passive lighting is the principle of channelling daylight into a home naturally,…

  • How can home decor reflect your personal style?


    When it comes to your home design, there are a number of ways that G.J. Gardner Homes can help you to get your dream underway. However choosing…

  • Making your bathroom stand out from the rest


    If you're designing your own home, then there will be ideas swimming around in your head about which aspects are the most important to you. Here at G.J. Gardner Homes, the team will assist you to make your

  • Building a Millennial-Friendly Kitchen


    Are you designing a kitchen for your new home? If you're a millennial or Gen Y, or havefamily members that are, you might want to consider some interesting trends that could affect…

  • 4 ideas to make your new home pet friendly


    When building a new home, you need to conside every member of the family during the design phase. For example, creating engaging play areas for the children, while mum and dad might…

  • Too good to be true? 3 land purchasing pitfalls to avoid.


    When purchasing a new block of land, it's important to consider the various factors that would make it suitable for your lifestyle. Knowing what to look for, you'll be able to easily tell whether or not you should

  • 3 ways to maximise the resale value of your home


    Building a new home with the objective of selling it further down the trackcan be a valuable investment. Working with a quality home builder to design a property enables you tomaximise your return and it can be a more profitable…

  • 3 building tips from G.J. Gardner Homes Professionals


    Did you know that we have a selection of free building tips on the G.J. Gardner Homes Australia YouTube channel? These come straight from our local friendly professionals around the country, who are always bursting with…

  • 3 bedroom colours that will help you get some shut eye


    When it comes to building a home, bedrooms play an important role in decision making. After all, it's the place where you end and begin each day. You should never concern yourself with colour trends, which change with the times. Rather, keep in mind that every colour has psychological…

  • 4 ways to put more space into your home


    When it comes to homes, everyone wants theirs to feel sizable and impressive. Of course, designing your own home from the ground up will help make it as spacious and dynamic as you dream it to be. There are also simple home design ideas and tricks that can make it feel like you've added…

  • House moving tips to avoid last-minute panic


    From choosing a removal company to packing boxes and frantically updating your mailing address with various service providers, there's so much to keep track of that it's little wonder that many homeowners rate it as one of life's most stressful events. However, this hasn't…

  • Am I eligible for a first home owners grant?


    With property prices on the rise across much of Australia, it's more important than ever to have a good understanding of the financial assistance you may be eligible to receive when building a new home. One example of such aid is the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG). Introduced in July…

  • What the Internet of Things can do for your new home


    From initial floor plans to the finishing touches with carefully selected paint palettes, designing your own home gives you the unrivalled opportunity to exercise total control over your future living space. These days, leveraging the right technology not only empowers you to add convenience and capability…

  • Fibre optic vs. cable: Which is right for your new home?


    We live in a digital world. That's why, as you design and build your new home, you'll want to think about your options for your telephone and internet. Beyond simply choosing internet service providers (ISPs) and connectivity packages, you may have the opportunity to choose between fibre optic…

  • Display homes to inspire your house-building dreams


    With big decisions like building your own home, you certainly want to 'try before you buy' as much as possible. It might not seem plausible to get that much of a preview when you're considering the process. After all, looking at blueprints, floor plans and mockups hardly give you the…

  • 3 tips for selecting the right colour palette for your home


    Have you ever walked into a home that intuitively felt warm and welcoming? Conversely, have you entered a house and instantly experienced the desire to flee?

    Chances are, you've encountered both these moments at some stage in your life. Without consciously knowing why, some homes…

  • How Australia's growing population is impacting the real estate market


    Over the last few years, it's been impossible not to notice the rising house prices across Australia. While the extended growth spurt appears to be slowing in regions such as Perth and Darwin, the same cannot be said of Sydney. Residential property prices in the capital city have continued to…

  • 7 building contract acronyms you should be familiar with


    The world of construction is filled with so many industry-specific terms that reading a contract can be like trying to decipher a secret code. While G.J. Gardner helps you take care of all the paperwork, you'll probably still want to have a solid understanding of what you're agreeing to before…

  • How to select the right window glazing for your new home


    Lighting is perhaps the most important factor to consider when creating a welcoming ambience. While lamps and fixtures play a significant role in any good home design, you should also keep natural lighting in mind. Well-placed windows not only bring the sunshine into your home and flood the rooms…

  • Does your kitchen utilise these 3 design features?


    Home design has come a long way in the last decade or so, but one thing remains constant: The kitchen is still very much the heart of the home. Display homes are an excellent source of inspiration and allow you to get a feel for a variety of styles. Whether you're going for a modern or…

  • Recovering US property market firms up growth plans for Australian homebuilder


    Having established G.J. Gardner Homes as a leading homebuilder in Australia and New Zealand with more than 82 franchisees, the company has a bold expansion plan for the US, which is being underpinned by an improving housing market. G.J. Gardner Homes opened their first US franchise…

  • Attracting the right franchisees in the homebuilding industry


    No matter the industry, all franchise systems face challenges and demands that are unique to their trade. Finding suitable franchisees is a challenge for franchisors across the globe. Hard to believe, given the perks and benefits of joining an established franchise system. For…

  • Thinking about investing in the US? You’d better do your research.


    While there has been an increase in the number of opinion pieces in the media and online claiming significant financial benefits for Australians who invest in the US property market, I’m afraid I have to disagree. As the CEO of an Australian homebuilding company operating in…

  • Your Mortgage


    If you’ve been looking into building a new home through a homebuilding company you would have noticed a large number of companies offering discounts, added extras and sometimes outrageous incentives to entice investors to purchase a home. I have come across some fairly enticing…

  • Homebuilding company makes BRW’s top 25 franchises


    G.J. Gardner has been ranked 22nd on BRW’s Fast Franchises 2013 list—the only homebuilding or construction company to be listed in the top 25. The ranking was a pleasant surprise for G.J. Gardner Homes CEO, Darren Wallis, acknowledging the tough competition and rapid…

  • Mooloolaba homebuilder goes homeless for the night


    CEO of international homebuilding company G.J. Gardner Homes, Darren Wallis, builds dream homes for a living, but on Thursday night (June 20), he’ll spend the night homeless on the streets of Brisbane. The St Vincent de Paul Society CEO Sleepout is a national event that…

  • Build, don’t buy; an industry expert’s top tips for first homebuyers in 2013


    Would-be first homebuyers should be thinking seriously about building their home instead of buying in 2013, a leading international homebuilder has said. Darren Wallis, CEO of homebuilding company, G.J. Gardner Homes, said a combination of record low interest rates and financial…

  • Build, don’t buy; an industry expert’s top tips for first homebuyers in 2013


    Would-be first homebuyers should be thinking seriously about building their home instead of buying in 2013, a leading international homebuilder has said. Darren Wallis, CEO of homebuilding company, G.J. Gardner Homes, said a combination of record low interest rates and…

  • The homebuilder from ‘down under’ takes US market by storm


    In 2005, CEO of G.J. Gardner Homes, Darren Wallis, packed his suitcase and left Australia with a plan to expand his successful homebuilding company into the United States. With no contacts, map and limited knowledge of the United States property market, Wallis said it was…

  • Darren Wallis: front-runner for Construction Executive of the Year


    CEO of G.J. Gardner Homes, Darren Wallis, has been announced as a finalist for The CEO Magazine’s Construction Executive of the Year Award. The ‘2012 Executive of the Year Awards’, to be staged in Sydney on 29 November 2012, is one of Australia’s most prestigious…



    Australia’s most successful franchised residential home builder, G.J. Gardner Homes, is amongst the nation’s top 10 largest new home builders for the first time in 2011/12, according to the latest HIACOLORBOND® steel Housing 100 Report. The HIA report, which ranks…

  • GJ Gardner Homes Fraser Coast wins Display Home Award


    At tonight’s HIA-CSR Sunshine Coast/Wide Bay Housing Awards GJ Gardner Homes Fraser Coast took out the Display Home $300,001-$500,000 Award for their "Silkwood 264" display home in Pialba.

  • G.J. Gardner Homes Gympie Winner 2012 Master Builders Best Display Home Award Sunshine Coast


    Gympie Award.jpg

    New home buyers the ultimate winners with G.J. Gardner Homes Gympie taking out the 2012 Master Builders Best Display Home…

  • Downsizing doesn’t mean compromising home design or lifestyle with G.J Gardner


    To meet the needs of their clients, G.J. Gardner Homes are increasingly building smarter family homes, especially in metropolitan areas. These home owners usually consist of young families who want to live close to good schools, parks and nice restaurants but not too far from the city.…

  • House and land package a worthwhile investment


    When looking at investment properties, most buyers assume that an established house or apartment offer the cheapest and easiest option. On closer analysis however, when the hidden costs of extras are added in and the risks associated with older properties are factored in, the picture changes for…

  • Visiting a display home a great way to experience a G.J. Gardner home


    What better way to find out what a new G.J. Gardner home is like, than to actually stand inside one? The best way to fully appreciate the quality, finish and ambience of a G.J. Gardner home is to visit one of our exceptional display homes. You can stroll through at your own pace…

  • Standard inclusions a top quality starting point when building with G.J. Gardner


    When building a new home, it’s important that new home builders not only compare their home builder’s level of service, experience and costs but to also study the list of inclusions offered. Comparing inclusions offered by at least three builders is one of the best ways to…

  • Big builder value with small builder service


    At G.J. Gardner, communication is of utmost importance. That is why, when deciding to build a new home, choosing us for your project means you have a unique five-star performance guarantee. This involves customers being invited on site at the completion of the five major stages of construction…

  • New home floor plans for space and flexibility


    When your dream of building a new home starts to take shape, it’s usually the floor plan that is scribbled onto a piece of paper first. Those small boxes will end up being a place where you will need all the space and flexibility to accommodate your life as it evolves. Gone…

  • A house’s façade is an impression that lasts


    Whether it’s a sprawling family home or an entertainer’s beachside retreat, the façade of the home is the essence of a property. It tells a story of what lies behind the front door and it adds not only street appeal but immeasurable value to the resale of the home.


  • Rising trend in smaller, smarter homes


    G.J. Gardner Homes, Australia’s largest, franchised homebuilder*, has seen a significant rise in consumer demand for more compact homes, driven by a trend to subdivide and a desire to live closer to the city.


  • GJ Gardner Homes has great success at Herald Sun Home Show


    Please watch video Click Here

  • Free Knock Down Rebuild Seminar Explains the Process in Simple Terms


    Northern Beaches based home builder, G.J. Gardner Homes, will hold one of its popular knock down rebuild seminars at its Brookvale premises on Thursday 28 July at 6pm.According to managing director, Horst Lueckl, the knock down rebuild seminars are designed to explain the process, from start to…

  • Perfectly Aligned


    When Melissa and Horst stumbled upon a renovator’sdelight, luck was on their side in more ways than one

  • Townsville Turns Ten!!!


    This month ten years ago, Graham & Jean Ruddell opened the door to their GJ Gardner Homes office in Townsville. A builder in the Burdekin region for 20 years, Graham decided to make the move to the big smoke of Townsville relocating his family…

  • Two new additions to the Skyward Range


    G.J. Gardner Homes Victoria & Tasmania are proud to announce the arrival of some funky new designs;

    Firstly, Two new additions to our famous Skyward Range! Introducing The Aquila, and The Dorado -Two Storey.



    G.J. Gardner Homes Queensland has launched an exciting new range of ‘Express Series’ homes for fast, great value home building.

  • CONGRATULATIONS CARLEE….you are now a world record holder!


    Carlee Beattie & Murray Kahler

    G.J. Gardner…

  • Woody Brook Joint Venture Home @ Belmont North


    The team at G.J. Gardner Homes Newcastle has put their money where their mouth is by pitching in their money and expertise to build a house in Belmont North.

    Headed by John Nikolovski and Jamie Arratoon, the building company has established a staff housing project spear headed by new…

  • Weekender Article - Builder in awards hat-trick


    G.J. Gardner Homes CEO Darren Wallis says the company’s awards haul is recognition of its industry leadership. By Jodie Grinsted GOOD things come in threes – just…

  • And the winner of Innovation, Enterprise AND Service Excellence Australian Business Awards is...


    And the winner of Innovation, Enterprise AND Service Excellence is G.J Gardner Homes

    Last week G.J Gardner Homes proved good things can come in threes, winning an overwhelming number of categories in the 2010 Australian Business Awards for Innovation, Enterprise…

  • G.J. GARDNER HOMES PUTS SPRING IN CARLEE’S STEP –Builder Supports Warwick Paralympian’s Sporting Quest


    Media Release

    G.J. GARDNER HOMES PUTS SPRING IN CARLEE’S STEP – Builder Supports Warwick Paralympian’s Sporting Quest

    Queensland home builder G.J. Gardner Homes has put the international sporting dreams of Warwick Paralympian…

  • G.J. Gardner Homes Wins the 2009 HIA CSR Victorian Marketing Award for Telling the Truth!


    The HIA would like to congratulate GJ Gardner Homes for winning the prestigious HIA CSR Victorian Marketing Award.

    The awards held on November 6 at Crown's Palladium Ballroom, recognize excellence in housing.
    The awards were announced before a crowd of 800 industry leaders…

  • Food and wine – a big part of G.J. Gardner Home & Leisure Show 2008


    Food and wine will play a big part in this year’s G.J. Gardner Home & Leisure Show in Tamworth with the incorporation again of the New England North West Food & Wine Fair.

  • G.J. Gardner Home & Leisure Show introduces innovations "changing the way we live"


    The G.J. Gardner Home & Leisure Show coming up in Tamworth on October 18th and 19th is all about enjoying our ultimate lifestyle, according to organisers, "and this year, the show will introduce innovations aimed at changing the way we live".

  • G J Gardner Homes to sponsor 23rd anniversary Home & Leisure Show


    Twenty three years after the first Tamworth Home & Leisure Show, held in 1985, the event is being relaunched with a new sponsor.

    Dianna Lockwood, Sales Manager of Rural Press Events, which stages the Show, has welcomed G J Gardner Homes as…

  • G.J. Gardner Homes ranks in Top 200 Franchises!


    G.J. Gardner Homes ranks in Top 200 Franchises

    G.J. Gardner Homes has been ranked as one of the top two hundred franchised companies…

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